On the road again

I’ve heard it said that we come back to that which we know best. I guess it must be true. Last spring I started a blog on WordPress and was doing well with it. Up until one fateful Friday this past fall (the 13th, no less) when I found myself unceremoniously “locked out of my own blog”…totally surprised and very unexpected. I tried to resume the work on blogger. Having tried for several months to make a go of it and not really “getting” that system I have grown tired and weary. I am back to thefamiliar territory where I started out: WP.

Along the way I’ve learned this blog needs to be much more than an outlet for meaningful stories, life lessons and inspiration. It needs to reflect everything that represents light in this life…my life. A life that has been a wild and often intense journey but a journey filled with blessings.

So what do I love? What inspires me? What prompts me to create, write and excite?


A sunny day

A smile


cooking our favorite “comfort food”

baking a favorite dessert


Starting my book and writing “the end”

Now that I’m on this road again, where will it take us? Either way, I’m ready. I don’t expect miracles but I know that with God I am able to do so much more than I could on my own.

So, I’m on the road again…ready, willing and able to shine my light – into the darkness. Besides, it’s in the deepest recesses of the dark that our lights will shine the brightest!

Stick around and let’s go exploring!


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