Time to get COURAGEous

Hopelessness is devastating.

With Hope all things are possible.

Without Hope, man is lost, wandering, alone.

The challenge each of us faces in our life is how to reflect who we are. Not who we think we are, but the person at the core our CREATOR designed us to be.

I know without question that my mission is to share HOPE. Not everyone has to embrace or agree with that mission.

What I didn’t recognize until this week…is there are people out there who won’t be open to receiving the hope I want to share. For them, hope is a 4 letter word. Hope can’t be trusted and they fail to see it for the life-preserver that it is.

I am currently working on my own attitude adjustment. I am torn up inside (unjustifiably) I can’t fathom someone willingly turning away from the LIGHT. It’s not just my desire for a spark to light inside them but for them to see the bigger picture. That they should not only make a difference but BE the difference.

But without the spark, without a flame there is no light – only darkness…and that is what I find THE most troubling. Faith can come in the form of something as small as a mustard seed…but if the seed of a spark is distant – if the embers are dying out then the chance for a spark to reignite are — well, you do the math.

I won’t ever shove my faith in anyone’s face. Faith isn’t something one person can teach another. It is ONLY something we can gain from The Father. Faith is His gift to us, it can be as strong as His mercy and as powerful as His forgiveness. But these attributes, these gifts should NEVER be UNDER-estimated.

The enemy creates his power by trying to weaken us when we aren’t looking. The strategy of spiritual warfare is at an all time high. I may be disappointed in how this round has turned out, but I am by no means a quitter.

So, friend’s I believe it’s time to tighten up our boot straps and recognize who’s in control, who has power and know how to use it.

“Game ON!” AND get Courageous….

The movie Courageous may have been a theme written about a Father’s relationship with God and his Family, but I believe the song is aptly applicable for ALL of us.

What is our role…what is YOUR role?

Ask God…He is faithful, He is listening…He expects you NOT to give up or give in!



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