Merry Christmas Eve: Reflections & Wishes

This is one of very few years that I’ve not managed to send out Christmas cards. I am feeling deflated by not having accomplished this “usual” tradition…but I refuse to feel defeated.

I WAS able to custom make the gifts I did give out to family and got them shipped. I embroider and I adore the creative aspects of designing and embellishing what I give to others.

My ultimate goal in making and sending home crafted items is two-fold.

1) Most people appreciate something that is personalized

2) I have too much stuff around that I’ve bought to craft, sew and create.

I’ve finally realized if I don’t find a use for everything that surrounds me (or sort through and purge what’s around) the likelihood is it will never get used – and that’s just a WASTE. Matthew 6:19-21 even tells me not to store away the material things that will decay from  mold, rust and the effects of time. I was born into this world with nothing and when I leave it I will take nothing with me. So the accumulation and “storing” of material/worldly things is a purely carnal

Now that Christmas Eve Night is officially here, I am feeling different. My Christmas wish list has nothing on it that anyone can buy in a store tonight. Instead of a package wrapped in silver or gold all I really want is to:

FEEL God’s peace: and share it with you

Seek His wisdom and let it guide me…hoping it guides us

BeLiEvE that this Christmas we will all do the right thing: Light up your corner of the world. A simple hello or a smile can make the world a much more joyous place.

If the boxes, wrapping paper and bows are leaving you feeling that something is missing…consider this:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His [a]only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

What you might be missing among the soon to be empty boxes, crumpled gift wrap and bows was a gift that keeps on giving; a world that was waiting and watching for a Star in the East. A reason for the Season…(Isaiah 9:6-7). Lift your eyes up to the sky tonight and reflect on THAT star…the one that represents so much more than boxes, bows, and wish lists – the one that gives us hope for tomorrow and the gifts of PEACE, JOY and LOVE.

Merry Christmas Eve,



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