hello and goodbye: a bittersweetness that leads to healing

What happened to 2013?


2012 went by so fast and I don’t remember ushering in 2013! I simply wasn’t ready for it. While some might be getting ready to toast the New Year with a chilled bottle of bubbly, I am doing so in my own style.

I am savoring what’s left of this day, this month..this year and indulging in a bar of dark chocolate. At least I am getting my anti-oxidants out of the deal. I can’t drink bubbly easily anyway. Oh well.

So, what am I going to take with me as I say goodbye to ’13 and ’14 comes waltzing in? Watch me

I’m not the person I was yesterday. I don’t want to be better. I want to be different. It’s kind of like a good glass of red wine and a (sinfully) rich and decadent brownie. You wouldn’t think to pair good wine and chocolate. The sound of it is probably enough to make your stomach churn…

This year, I want to take my relationship with Jesus down that same road. I mean Jesus is like that rare, fine aged, perfect wine. And I am like that rich and decadent brownie (full of sin). Pair Jesus perfection with my sin and what have you got? A beautiful, merciful, forgiven mess of eternal proportions that is ripe for God to use as He sees fit.

This year, I ache to spend more time in scripture. I want to incorporate what I read with what I write. I want to write in ways I hadn’t thought were possible. I want the Holy Spirit to pour out on me the richness of God and let the words just overflow on the computer screen.

I’m hoping that the sweetness of my repenting will mirror a chocolate bar and be equally matched up with the richness of God’s Mercy, like a fine bottle of red.

I belong to him, because He bought me with a price. Dark Chocolate is bittersweet and a good wine…(well Jesus first miracle after all was turning water into the finest wine – John 2:1-11) is a commodity. Rarely is the best saved for the last. In this case, I’m hopeful – NO -I’m prayerful and expectant that God will take the mess I am…from yesterday and use it to make something amazingly beautiful in tomorrow….for the new year and beyond.

How about you? Why don’t you give it a try, too?

Next year happens between 11:59 and midnight and then we have 365 until it happens all over again. I for one am hopeful that you give Jesus a try, right along with me.  He asks very little from us but offers the most amazing, eternal gift: LIFE and LOVE

Say goodbye to 2013 and Make 2014 the year you get to know Jesus. He LOVES you… It really is just that simple!

Happy New Year,



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