The Wee Hours


It’s past 1am now on Sunday morning. Around 12:30am, I updated Facebook page and figured I could get some Z’s. Until I remembered what I hadn’t done.

Loads of laundry for the dryer…laundry I needed to load if I wanted it washed MY WaY.

Ooops! I want crepes in the morning for I better get the batter made now. Once the batter’s made, it’s gotta sit in the frig for an hour. They’re Alton Brown Crepes. They’re worth it. Trust Me. At some point I’m going to have to start making double batches. Maybe even try a chocolate version….

Now it’s 1:20. How much more can I take? I didn’t get to blog last night….and I’m not in shape to read (because that would put me to sleep right now) Ugh. I know I’m going to forget about the laundry!

My body is aching, probably not as much as it could, but enough. I was dragged up to a mountain to go skiing over New Year’s. I’m not complaining, it’s just that I’m not a good’s not my passion. Granted….

I can stand

I can get on and off a chair lift.

I can kinda/sorta parallel ski (it’s WAY easier than plowing your way down!)

but I do not like the intermediate blue slopes and I will not, under AnY circumstances even look at a diamond, a double black diamond and a cornice – NOT on YOUR LIFE! Which leaves me relegated to the Green or “Easy” runs.

3 days worth of skiing and my back is not happy. *Sigh*

My husband is a skiing fanatic. He could live on the slopes. So virtually every vacation we’ve taken in 5 years has been to the ragged peaks of the west. And my attitude generally is less than stellar because my ideal vacation would be AnYwHere but a ski resort.

This time was different. Prior to packing (and probably a day before our departure), I was in prayer. My prayer continued throughout the day as I “moseyed” through the house doing my thing. But then I heard “the whisper.”

“Enjoy this trip, Kenzel. Things are going to change.”

I know what I heard and I just let it sink in…

First of all, when you hear THE whisper, it’s a really good idea to take notice.

Second, when you hear it…recognize that you’d better heed what it says but also double up on your faith card. I knew that I should treat this trip differently from the others I’ve been on.

Each day I hit those snowy slopes, I prayed and asked for coverage. But more than that…because God knew my heart – I also asked him to help me not only to appreciate the days activities BUT to enjoy the atmosphere. To enjoy finding Joy in the moment, peace in the presence of Jesus creation and my place in it – and I did. Those 3 days of skiing were by far the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. It was the same with the 2 hour snow mobile tour I took. I’ve only driven a snow mobile twice. And while they aren’t much different from a bike…losing control and sliding down a mountain face just don’t sound appealing…No?

On the contrary, I’ve never had more fun. I found myself “flooring” the throttle and felt like a James Bond character weaving through groomed tree paths. It was so cool. Going off the beaten path was exhilarating. I think the point God was trying to make to me, is if I don’t Trust Him enough to let Him lead, If I don’t make him my central focus and search for him in my day to day…I am missing out!



Suffice it to say, I am a late bloomer to the world of skiing. I didn’t take my first skiing lesson until I was 19 and a freshman in college. Oh, it was hard. I was terrible. But the several weeks long Saturday class was also interesting. By the time the last day arrived my (very cute) instructor and I were chatting on the lift and he surprised me by saying I started out as one of the “worst students” and ended up being one of his best. It was shocking to hear. But the point was well taken and to this day the lesson remains…the way you see yourself is (likely) a slightly distorted view of how you really look…

AND it is very different from the way God sees you. Even in our imperfection, God sees us the WAY he intended, a beautiful mess. The problem is, when we allow ourselves to forget who we are, children of God, We see ourselves as being less than he intended. We become imperfect, flawed and not good enough. It’s time to stop fighting ourselves. Our struggles might be much less of a burden if we just adjusted our perspective and let God do what he needs to do in the “Wee Hours.” It’s when we aren’t looking that he can actually “work on us.”

We need to let God in during our down time, during our work time; let Him do what he does best. Make us perfect in our weakness. His strength is enough, more than enough for the smallest and biggest obstacles.

If He LoVeD us enough to give us His Son as a gift…what a simple way to reciprocate and give him just a mustard seed of ourselves back? Let him have his way with and in us. We would be so much the better for doing so.

What will he whisper to you…will you be listening?



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