“The First Fruits 30 Day Challenge”


I am s-o-o-o NOT a morning person. Yes, I can easily stay up til 1am reading, writing or blogging. But waking up is always a challenge, even if I go to bed at 8-9pm.  Sigh.

I intentionally decided to get up early today.

The last 2-3 days have felt like a “BUST.” I haven’t been getting up when I (probably) should and that has affected everything. My bible devotion/reading time has been pushed back to mid-day or afternoon. Fruit-less.

Last night, right before bed I was listening to a friend’s online blog interview (I’ll talk more about that another time) and even though the topic was about spiritual warfare it really got me to THINK-ing about: First Fruits.

I copied this over from Biblegateway.com:

In the New Testament, “FirstFruits” is used as a metaphor for something given in advance, anticipating a greater benefit or “harvest” to come. A short explanation of First Fruits is found in Proverbs 3:9-10. For more detail reference Deuteronomy 26. I just re-read it and it spoke VoLuMeS to me.

Moving along…The concept of First Fruits is nothing new. But, having felt led to do so – I set my wake up call (which was 5:30 am, far too early, in my opinion.)

And I guess I must have been tired, ’cause I slept well….

5:30 arrives. Really?

5:45: I finished reading the devotion for January 8th, cross referencing the scriptures as listed and writing them down in my spiral bound notebook. My 2014 method for starting to memorize The Word. Reading and then writing it down. I’ve got to start somewhere. If I’m going to write about Spiritual Warfare, I’m going to have to be grounded on and in God’s Word.

After I finished those tasks…I laid the materials aside and closed my eyes. I still had 1o minutes before my next alarm clock went off. I can get good rest in 10 minutes.

“The First Fruits 30 Day Challenge”

“What?” I say

“You know what I am asking. Blog about it.”

God doesn’t say much when He speaks, but you better listen and act accordingly when you do hear him. I know the holy spirit was prompting me last night to complete my early reading this morning and it’s because I was being tested to prepare myself for this challenge.

His request was the additional gentle nudge forward to take this act of faith and encourage others to join me in trying it.

The Challenge isn’t difficult. Just take the first 10 minutes of your day to read the bible (if you’ve never read the bible: Start with the Book of John in the New Testament) Otherwise, just start with the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts) and meet the “players.”

He wants me to convey, that by giving HIM our attention upon us WAKING up, as the FIRST thing we do for our DAILY HARVEST of production – our day will see better results. Our results will be GREATer than had we chosen to step out of bed without so much as opening the cover…when we involve HIM at the beginning He will oversee our day and remain with us until we fall asleep. First Fruits = Blessed Harvest. This does not mean our blessings will be everything WE ASK for. We will be blessed as GOD sees fit to act (whether we see those results, or not.)(

Digging into the richness of scripture and listening for His voice allows Him to invest in Me. Which leads me to wonder what kind of ROI (Return on Investment) I might be able to expect if I really try??!! That’s not to say I expect ANYthing. But God is the giver of gifts.

Now for my favorite part. The music side. I am posting a song that is an absolute favorite of mine. But, some background.

I have been a “Christian” since I small. However, there IS a DiFFerence between being a Christian and “walking with Christ.” My walk actually began in ~2006-7. Before 2007, I’d never heard of Contemporary Christian music and I had only ever listened to A/C (Adult Contemporary). When a fried (thank you ERIN) shared with me where I should “tune” to listen; “Believe” was one of the first two songs that came on. It was pivotal. I’ve never forgotten it. Andy Chrisman is a gifted singer.

Though this is not truly a video….it is the only version of the song i can find to share but it has always spoken volumes to me. I hope you like it, too.

May God Bless you beyond measure today!



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