Overcomers: Do NOT Quit!

The 2nd day of my 30 day challenge is nearly over…man did that go by fast. And yes, 5:30 came very early…in fact, I see it around the bend in less than 6 hours: Blech!

The part that got my “notice” this morning was about: Time and Attitude

Timing of Events




How often have (you) and I run headlong into something not having any clue about what we’re looking at? It’s kind of akin to the man’s perspective of being a “fixer.” We WANT to fix our problems and take control.

Only, more often than not, the things we’re Rushing/Dashing headlong into are probably designed to throw us off the course we’re meant to be on…ARE YOU totally confused, yet?

Like it or not, because of the nature of life on earth, we WILL face discouragement daily.  (It is guaranteed) and often that discouragement is intentionally served to us to distract us from God’s goal for our life. The more negative, discouraging rhetoric you hear, say or think about you are more apt to think in that direction.  Seriously, this is no joke…

How often do you get or give compliments, smile at someone (especially a stranger), even SAY “hello” ?

The point being because we live in a world chock FULL of imperfection we have to find ways to overcome the discouragement we face daily. And we ourselves have to find the will and the power to influence others BY showing them HOW to live as encouragers, positively (like Christ did)….did I say it was going to be Easy?

Is anything worthwhile easy?

Think about anything you’ve accomplished, that you (YOURSELF) feel GOOD about…achieving that goal probably wasn’t a walk in the park, was it? What did you learn from it?

What you LearneD from it is called Overcomer’s objective…you like? I think I might have just made up a new defintion! 🙂

Against, whatever odds you SAW facing you- you ignored the nay-sayers, discouragers and fear-laden folks and made it to that GOAL line.

Here’s the catch…sometimes we WORK too HARD for some of the things we weren’t designed to go after!

If your heart and soul are truly inline with God….And you are truly waiting on HIS  guidance, then He WILL direct you: a prayer journal is a great way to keep track of this activity!

KNOW this:

First, your prayers NEVER go un-Heard and

Second, your prayers won’t go unanswered. The deal is, the things we pray for and ask for will be answered but may not be the way we expect – or hope.

When my mother died, I felt she had abandoned me…(though I KNOW this was not her fault)

When my father died, I believed I was lost…officially orphaned.

That could NOT have been further from the truth.

God/Jesus/Spirit had me in the palm of His hand. He was holding me in the FIRES of refinement: Purified. There is no greater reward.

And that’s why this statement rings so true: From Jesus Calling: Sarah Young

If you want to stay close to Me and do things My way, ask Me to show you the path forward moment by moment.  Instead of dashing headlong toward your goal…let me set the pace. S-L-O-W down…..   Yes, yes indeed!


Doing things your way is the way I want to live. It’s brought me to the Here and Now of this moment. Show me the path, I can’t find it without you. Amen.

And that is exactly what I plan to do, I hope you’ll consider letting God lead you too…

Thanks for stopping by,



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