The WAY – YOU hold me – LoVe It!

It’s been a couple days since I was able to post. I actually kind of missed it.

I know I write often enough about letting God guide us – which is in our best interest.

I’ve also written about how much we worry about staying in control – when we aren’t in control at all…

Recently I think I wrote about “tangents” and how they can be meant to distract us…but what if one (or even) some of those “tangents” are meant to help us, slow us down or even save our life? Yes, you heard me. comment down below if you want to know more about “testing the spirits;” But for now, let’s move on

Last week I was ON my TOES. Each morning started at 5:30, with the inception of my 30 day First Fruits Challenge…(which is still going strong) all the way until bedtime (whenever that WAS).

My Saturday was just as was the first Saturday in a long time I had to be somewhere, rather early. By the time Saturday afternoon arrived, it was (or I was) a lost cause.

There were so many things I needed to get done…and I just sat on my couch at a complete loss. I was finished. The needs I “felt” awaiting my attention slowly “morphed” into wants and my body just wouldn’t m-0-v-e.

The condition continued through to Sunday. Except on Sunday, I found myself alternating between the couch and bed…grasping for sleep. I was SO physically tired; I was drained. Zero energy. It felt very unusual for me…it was as if everything had been brought to an abrupt halt without my consent and I could NOT do a thing about it.

I pushed myself to get a couple loads of wash done and breakfast and dinner cooked! (I’ve learned food is a good thing though when running on empty!)

As it were, I had no time, inclination, or “drive” this weekend to post anything on here.  Trying to form any type of coherent thought, or inspiring thought was not in the cards and would not have been God-led  😦

Initially, I thought the enemy might be trying to keep me from achieving my tasks. And I found that a tad-irritating. Until I slowed down enough to consider that this “couch day” and literal “Duck Dynasty” marathon was time for me to “recharge”- it something I needed. He knew it. I didn’t. We don’t always recognize what we need, remember?

From Jesus Calling, my 30 day challenge:

Expect each day to contain surprises….be willing to follow wherever I lead
….the safest place to be is by MY side.
AND FINALLY:                                                                                                                                Trust that I am with you in this moment, whether you sense my presence or not

Bottom line is while I ache to feel God’s presence, to understand him and know him. He will let me sense him, hear him and know him as I need to.

I’m searching for him everywhere I can and I know he knows that. I stand firm on His promises and know he is holding me close. My faith in him will carry me through anything. It already has; It always will.

If he He can Hold Me…He can hold you, too. There is no safer, happier, better place to be!

Wishing you a week that is filled with Godly insight and abundant blessings!

As always, thank you for stopping by….



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