Vege Saute

I love sauteed vegetables. In fact, sauteed is about the only way I can generally easily eat them. Granted I love salads, so salads and saute-es relay is likely an even “heat” (pardon the pun) 😉

So, here is how I treat my saute-es and myself!

My favorite combination is onions, mushrooms, bacon and potatoes BUT you could make this with anything you desire….

1 onion (chopped)

1pk of (sliced) mushrooms (I buy the Sam’s club size and use it proportionally)


Potatoes (3-7): Peeled, cut and diced

Cheese (feta, bleu cheese, gorgonzola….)    Butter/Olive oil



Your best bet is cooking the bacon in the pan first and using the natural fat that is “rendered” to get the onions started cooking and ultimately toward getting them “caramelized.”  The bacon fat will add it’s own amazing flavor to the mix.

(Set aside bacon. If you don’t make this with bacon:)

Heat up your pan with a bit of Olive oil & butter. Add onions, season them with salt (add pepper if you like- personally, I’m not a pepper fan…)

Time is your friend here. You want them soft and translucent. Golden brown is what you’re after, not burnt! It might take ~10min on med-low (every stove is different). Once the onions are done, remove them from the pan and move to the mushrooms AND potatoes.

Both Mushrooms and potatoes seem to have a high water content. Once you’ve tossed them in, cover them with a lid. They will seemingly create their own juice to cook in and that will help soften the potatoes. Test the taters to see if they are done enough for you. This is all about preference…

Once they are dump everything back in together to re-warm. If you haven’t done so yet, cut up your cooked bacon (whether chopping it or using scissors) my preference is “snipping” it directly into the pan with everything before my final “warm up stir.”

Then…the moment arrives. I serve it in a bowl and add a small amount of crumbled feta cheese on top and a more generous amount of bleu cheese. Again, this is based on preference.

My only true cautions on this recipe are to get your ratios about even. You don’t want an overabundance of onions or mushrooms, etc.. Too much of a good thing really is too much of a good thing. And if you are opposed to meat of any kind, just don’t bother adding it!


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