Monday Evening – Grace: for all that I lack

Dear Lord,

Please excuse the nature of this prayer/letter. I mean no disrespect.


Father, I am going through reading withdrawals. I don’t think I’ve read a book in over a week…maybe two?

I am purging and organizing but my soul is not at rest. Discarding what I am so comfortable with is so disheartening.

I am not tied to the things of this world…only to the memories that are stored in the recesses. Help remind me of this truth

Free me to Let it Go.

Perfect order is so unorthodox for me. It’s nice to stay in hotels, but I could not and do not want to live in one. Help me find the middle ground.

All I want is time in your presence…feeling you close – holding me near.

Whether I am reading your Word, in the kitchen, doing laundry or playing “chauffeur” – You are THERE

You are the reason my light does not fade. Allow others to see who you are

When I can feel your Holy Spirit near me, I feel relief. I know you are real. I know I am loved, not lost, not forgotten.

Even when the darkness closes in, I will awaken stronger at first light and my weaknesses will be made perfect in YOU.

Thank you for your goodness. Thank you for remaining in me and believing in me – especially when I doubt myself.

Cover me with your protection this night, and I ask in advance for your grace and wisdom to guide me.

In Jesus name, I pray…Amen




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