The master of my spark – Already there

I spend a fair amount of time online; and I’m beginning to wonder about my focus – about what “matters.”

There are so many things to occupy our time in our “virtual” world. Many of which, I’m really just not good at:

Twitter being one of them – I just can’t get the knack of it, though I’m not done trying…

Facebook, I feel like I have it figured out – but EvErY time I turn around they are messing around with it! Changing this or that, making upgrades and updates…(many of which I don’t believe a lot of us like or want.)

Instagram…Red-what?…Stumble all over…I can’t even recall them all!

But don’t you find it all too EASY to overspend time on facebook?…

It is a social escape. A place to look at other’s people’s lives & what they are presenting:

A snippet of time.

Don’t even get me started on the games. I once wrote a cool parable about Candy Crush Saga. Yes, I admit…not so long ago I got “sucked” into the frenzy.

Until one day, after months and months of playing – I reached level 215 and said “enough.” It might have started out as a way to “relax,” “veg,” chill….be distracted” but those qualities were becoming a pitiful obsession. And the whisper was telling me “enough.”

I have left the Candy Crush App on my phone as a testament to my ability to not be swayed by temptation. Since I quit playing the game last fall…I have not given in and I don’t intend to.

Yes…the games on our phones are an addiction. I know there are a ton of people caught up in this seemingly innocent phenomenon. Unfortunately, they don’t recognize it for the the trap it presents. They don’t recognize what they are “fighting” against…

It is tough to find your way out of the forest, when you didn’t even notice you were walking into it.

This “Blog” wasn’t my brain child and though I may be the writer, I am here because of a Master PLaN – NOT my oWn.

Though it wasn’t part of my vision in the first place, it seems someone already knew this should be my venue. The place I should “start out.”

Unfortunately, I fought that nudge REALLY hard. I almost overlooked it: How ironic.

I was asked to start this “site” several years ago…as I’ve mentioned in my About and Welcome pages, it’s been a bumpy road.

Now, I have yearnings more often throughout the day to write. I recognize topics with profound meaning. I can’t seem to write them down fast enough.

My book ideas are beginning to percolate as well. Maybe I am finally developing the attributes of a prolific writer? Oh, I can only hope.

Once “we” as writer’s actually get into the practice of writing, the momentum of doing so can take on a life of it’s own.

I’d be grateful if such was the case. I’ve waited 3 decades for that time to arrive.

So, now I am working toward improving my presence on here. I am taking baby steps to learn twitter (did I really just say that?!) and listening (as quietly as I can) for His direction.

I know not everything will be crystal clear but I really believe if I step out in child-like faith and truly TRUST – that He will make my path very CLEAR. He knew me well enough to know that I should start a blog…and it would just c-l-i-c-k.

He’s been waiting for me. He already knows what I need to be doing. How much more successful could I be if I just followed his leading?

I guess I should have listened sooner.

Father, take my spark and turn it into a flame…a masterpiece of your design. We all ask for this blessing in your name.


I absolutely LOVE this song. I’ve been anxiously waiting to use it!

Just remember: Wherever you are tonight…you are a masterpiece, part of His picture perfect plan – Always!



2 thoughts on “The master of my spark – Already there

  1. That is a great post. Its funny that you mention Candy Crush. I just got sucked in as well and need to refocus my priorities. Vegging for a few minutes is one thing, but it usually turns into a lot longer than that. Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Thank you for the compliment!
      Since you are still in candy crush, you should read the parable I wrote about it on my other blog. I really enjoyed that post.
      Glad it was encouraging…we all need a good dose of that 🙂


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