Cheesy Chicken Enchilada’s (Kid friendly)

Easy & Fast Enchilada’s – The kids can help with this!

If you like Mexican food, but you’ve been intimidated by the idea of making it…check out what we’ve been doing for more than a decade: Making them at home 🙂

In the case of Mexican fare…I have to have a very mild palate. I don’t tolerate spice and I’m not fond of pepper…that’s just me.

One of the very first home cooked “Mexican Style” meals I made 11 years ago was this, a Chicken Enchilada recipe. Yes, it has turned into a family favorite. Fortunately, don’t need to follow a recipe to make it and once you’ve done it once, maybe even twice…you’ll never forget it. What makes it so easy? Just 4 simple ingredients (plus optional additions for the dinner table)

First, get all your ingredients together

20140207_160813 (2)

I use flour tortillas, *MILD* enchilada sauce,  Mexican shredded cheese and Chicken breast. The first time I made this I used canned chicken breast (that I drained). If I don’t have fresh chicken breast or my chicken breast is still defrosting in the ice box then it’s time to break out the can.

What you see in this picture is fresh chicken breast that I already sauteed in a pan and fileted. What you didn’t see me processing it down from whole to shreds for the filling.

Here’s what it looks like, before I put it all together

20140207_161352 (2)

As it turned out, I cooked two chicken breasts and really only needed 1 to feed 4 people (even without side dishes!). Believe it or not, a little goes a long way! You’ll notice in the top photo that I actually used 2 cans of the enchilada sauce. One of them was a Value Mega size and then other is a regular size. I add a bunch of cheese and ~1/3 can of sauce and add them right to the bowl of chicken. The sauce helps keep the chicken and cheese moist during baking.

I used a 9×13 casserole dish that I greased well and put a thin layer of sauce in the bottom. We filled each tortilla with the mixture, rolled it and then placed them all side by side in the pan. Leave some room between each “wrap” so the sauce can fall between the cracks. If you cram them, they will get hard and not be pleasant to eat…take my word for it.

Here’s how they look before their “oven” time: Baking temp 350*

“without cheese”

20140207_162428 (2)

“with cheese” (sorry it’s a bit blurry)

20140207_162609 (2)

and “right out of the oven”

20140207_165731 (2)

With your oven pre-heated and since everything is already cooked, they should be done in 20-25 minutes. This time I did not get to cover them with foil before baking and I let them cook 5 minutes longer than I should have.

My personal condiment favorites are sour cream, diced avocado and tomato.  You could also easily add fresh cilantro to this that’s been washed and chopped. It could go in the filling or sprinkled on top of the sauce (maybe before serving it)

If you like “spicier” foods you can easily turn the spice factor in this up – A Lot!

Chow! 🙂


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