Suicide: The Big Lie


(Yes, this is a heavy topic.

But it is one God laid on my heart late last week.)

Suicide is NOT a joke.

It’s not a Game.

Suicide is the ultimate Lie

Wrapped up like a drug in a candy wrapper.

Don’t EAT IT!

Suicide is NOT the answer, an answer or a consideration. PERIOD.

Suicide as a subject is like a social taboo. It’s kept hidden away….like a dirty sock in a closet. But left too long and unattended, the Spirit of Suicide will do what it can to accomplish its task.

Yes, you heard me. Suicide is a Spirit that creates an internal war on those we Love.

We are talking about….Spiritual Warfare.

Suicide is a silent killer.

It is not a joke; It is Real

It is invisible & It is a force of epic proportion.

Everyone WANTS to believe in God or A God. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to believe in the ONE true God’s Supremacy or His Wrath.

BUT who really wants to think about The Enemy? Satan, Lucifer…the devil.

You may not want to give him a second thought……

But maybe it’s about time we did?

Let’s cut to the chase!

The enemy hates us, with a passion. And he does whatever he can to make us feel

  • unworthy
  • unloved
  • unwanted
  • unneeded
  • unnecessary
  • and EXPENDable.

Expendable = Suicide. Suicide is Satan’s LIE.

He lies to everyone of us. He’s the KING of lies. He lies to all of us everyday. But when it comes to Suicide he is ruthless. He tells us it will make everything:

  • easier.
  • take the pain away
  • better than what you’ve got now

He will lie and tell you

  • that you don’t matter
  • you make things WORSE
  • you are a failure —

where do YOU think he gets off doing this and WHY?

Because he is A THIEF, he is only here to do ONE thing:

  • to steal (your life from your family and friends)
  • to kill (the Spirit you Have that God gave you)
  • and destroy (your chance at doing what you were put here to do. To live in eternity, and from letting Jesus give you a chance at True FREEDOM

Here is something you NEED to see from the book of John 10:10

10 The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (Jesus) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (Emphasis mine)

It’s really time to call this what it is and recognize the issue.

Spiritual Warfare is not pretty. It’s uncomfortable but it surrounds us!

The enemy is playing an unfair game. It’s his mission to make us feel awkward and out of place.

His goal is to have you look at your life as if EVERY door has closed and there aren’t any other rational or logical options except his lie.

You could be facing:

  • An unplanned Pregnancy
  • Relationship or Marriage Breakup
  • Singlehood/Single Parent
  • Job Loss
  • Loss of Child
  • Loss of Home
  • Loss of Spouse
  • Disability
  • ANY personal or business hardship

that’s how the enemy wants us to see “our picture”…to make it seem like we are trapped. All doors are closed. That’s what he wants you to think – to believe!


I have two author friends who have done an amazing job at addressing the topics of Spiritual Warfare and Suicide in these books

by Laura J. Marshall:  and

by W. Franklin Lattimore:

If you need Immediate help, find a phone – talk to someone, don’t isolate yourself. Don’t believe the enemy’s lie that no one cares and YOU don’t matter. You DO!

Here’s Help:  1.800.273.8255   877   870   4673

AND for TEENS (Samariteens): 800 252 8336

Really consider this: God truly loves us,


He doesn’t want to see you quit, give up or given in.

He put you here for a purpose, a reason

YOU owe it to yourself to put the enemy in his place and discover why you’re here.

NO MATTER what — YOU are NEVER an ACCIDENT & You’re life matters!


Truth?  I could have been a statistic:

When I was very young, a pedophile crossed my path and I was SECONDS from abduction (I still remember it all fairly clearly)

Did that give me an excuse? The Enemy wanted me to think so...

My parents died when I was 15 and 17:

Did that give me an excuse? The Enemy wanted me to think so…

I used to think I might be an accident: After my parents died, when I was a TEEN I was told that I was an accident; I was dumb, stupid, I would never amount to anything, all I did was cause problems

Did that give me an excuse? The Enemy wanted me to think so…

But here’s why that didn’t happen; here’s why I didn’t “buy” the lies/his bait:

God made you and me. God put his breath inside each of us. And once you come to know God, His Spirit comes to live in you. This Spirit is Good vs. Satan’s (which is REALLY, really bad!).

Do not allow him a “toe hold” on your mind -the tiniest thoughts and ideas he plants are part of his strategy; his bait.

Yes, his tricks, his manipulations, his quest to destroy have left scars on YOU on ME — on ALL of us…but God is using each and every experience to make a difference. HERE. TODAY. NOW.

You are a light in this world.

You need to shine.

You have gifts and……

the enemy doesn’t want you to know what they are or how to use them!

The enemy is DARK. Do NOT let him convince you that suicide is better for you and EVERYone around you.

Because that is a LIE from the pit of HELL!

The enemy’s mission is to run around and “snuff” the LIFE out of anyone he can. Don’t let him. Don’t give him a chance.


God has had his eye on you forever….so make sure you’re listening to the right voice!

Please watch this video and listen to the words. It’s from God, to YOU!

Please pray this prayer to help you out from the darkness, and REPEAT It!

Jesus, Save me from myself. Save me from the enemy. Don’t let him consume me.

I need God’s love….help me! Cover ME with your protection!


Keep fighting the good fight, YOU CAN DO this…but not without Christ!

There is HOPE!



3 thoughts on “Suicide: The Big Lie

  1. A guy at my school committed suicide a few years ago. He would be in tenth grade now. He had red hair, played bass, and loved to laugh. He had one really, really good friend, and had a friend in everyone else. One day he sent an inappropriate text to a female classmate. When his parents found out, they grounded him and took away his phone. He felt so incredibly bad about what he had done, that he shot himself over spring break. When the rest of us went back to school, he was gone and they had a special service instead of chapel. They decorated his locker in his favorite colors, orange and pink. They had his memorial service at my church, which is huge, and the sanctuary was packed. His two older sisters and his parents could barely speak. On the big screen they showed a picture of his pale hand being clasped between both of his parents’ right before he died. I don’t think any of us will ever forget him. He was fourteen, and he made a mistake, and he killed himself over it. I barely knew him. I only know that he played the bass and always smiled at everyone and was really popular. He didn’t think that anyone would ever forgive him, least of all God. We go to a private Christian school, and he was really in love with God. Seeing something like that happen to our school family, seeing how someone so precious to God die and feel like they had no other choice–it was heartbreaking. If only he had waited a few days, maybe even hours. He would have realized just how loved he was (is) and how no one would have even remembered the incident. As it is, everyone remembers him now.



    • I’ve needed to wait a few days to respond. My heart is so grieved when I hear about loss like this. There is no need for this to happen. I don’t know if that the post will make a difference or not I still wonder If anyone will actually ever read it that needs it…and if so will it do what God intended? Thank you for sharing that story and thoughts. The moment something like that happens, I tend to think there is a “disruption” or a “quaking” of sorts because of the nature of the destruction. Thanks for continuing to follow and read. -Kenzel


      • I found your post incredibly inspiring! I know that we all tend to use the term death too lightly, me especially. All in all, though, I don’t think about death that much. I find real comfort in knowing that I have an eternal insurance plan (haha) but it does freak me out, not knowing if people who commit suicide go to Heaven or not…it sounds awful to say, but I really don’t know. It’s pretty depressing, you know.

        But thank you so much!!! The anniversary of Mason’s death is coming up in a few weeks, so I’ll be wearing my ‘Remember Mason’ bracelet, and praying for the family for sure. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for them right now. When I told my mom how he had died, she started crying in the car…and she had never even seen the guy or anything! If it can affect someone who never know him like that, I can’t begin to imagine how it effects the family. Thanks for replying! God bless!


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