Overflowing with Gratitude

Before you “scroll” down, please listen to this music:



It’s Friday morning…and I was ready for some Praise music, that’s better!

I figured we ALL needed a positive pick me up to get the end of the week started. I know the topic I posted about yesterday was VERY heavy and for some of you (that know me) some of the testimony I shared was revealing and a surprise, if not a shock. I’m sorry if you were “thrown” but it doesn’t make me any different than I was before you read it.

God is God. He is Good. ALWAYS.

There is a reason I asked you to listen to that song are the following lyrics:

“I will follow.”

“I will listen.”

“I will Love you…all of my days,”

“You are the Prince of Peace, and I will live my life for YOU”

…and that I would follow HIS directives. Most of the blog entries I post are positive and “warm fuzzies.”

Some (as in yesterday’s) may cut to the cold hard truth of a reality we don’t like to think about, but it IS there.

The reality is there may be people out there struggling to hang on and fight the good fight. The fight may not always be pretty, but it is very REAL.

If there’s something that needs to be addressed, and He’s calls me to write about it…then to my keyboard I go (although I am likely wrestling with Him the whole way through – and often after)

This blog exists because of God. Because of His direction. Here is the timeline of how He worked this blog into existence:

2006: I promised him I would dedicate my life to him

2009: He asked me to start a blog

2012: A friend confirmed God’s bequest

2013: Blog was started

God likes the number 3. There were approximately 3 years in between each occurrence and then the year that ends in 3.

The way I see it (and I know God see’s it) it’s very likely you and I have been through some equally challenging situations…and if you haven’t and you are still breathing, you may still face challenges you never SAW coming. Besides, the reality of Life and Death is something we all have to face…but it’s not up to us to decide when that happens. God put us here and He determines our days.

You have to remember – this life, every experience, each hardship, loss, broken heart, betrayal, failure…it all has value in God’s economy. He doesn’t waste a moment of your time or mine. Take comfort in that!

Yes, I have traveled a difficult road. But those trials placed before me by the enemy have been used by God for use in the NOW — and tomorrow.

WE all need to remember that the good and bad serves a purpose. Are you going to look at your glass as half full or half empty. Are you going to let the prince of this world have the upper hand or Thank God for His goodness (we need to see Joy in trials as well as Joy in our achievements)

If you woke up this morning and ate breakfast. YOU are RICH.

If you have shelter and clothing…then YOU are RICH.

If you are healthy, you are RICHer!

If you have the ability to worship God and give him thanks: thanks for all the good things in your life AS WELL AS thanks for the benefit of trials then LIFE will take on a different meaning.

I truly never know what will happen when I sit down to write. And, I consider that a gift. Probably the same gift Seat-of-the-Pant (SOPT) writer’s have when they finish their book manuscript. They start out with nothing, and God gives them something they never saw coming.

Thank you for occasionally stopping by and if you are following me then I must be doing something right. Please pardon my efforts because I am a work in progress. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Have a blessed day and I hope you can be a blessing to others!



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