Lent through a different Lens

Doesn’t it feel like 2014 is shaping up to be an unusual year?


Yes, this post is about Lent. BUT, you can’t have Lent without the Glorious Majesty of God.

And if God IS DEAD – what’s the point?

Of course, now that I’ve seen the trailer…I cannot wait to see this movie!

So, why do I say 2014 is an Unusual Year?

Well, over New Year’s weekend I took a retrospective look at my life.

I’d recognized that each New Year’s had felt reminiscent of “Ground Hog Day,” the movie…


The movie was funny but in real life that scenario happens each & every New Year’s. And every year, WE All try to

“kick start” January 1 with NEW MOTIVATIONS/Goals. Which might last all of a day (maybe 30)

I contemplated wanting to make this year different.

I remember writing on my New Year’s post that my focus was to

be different, be changed

I began to see where I had not only been failing myself but falling into the enemy’s invisible snare.

Why would I want to S-T-R-I-V-E to make myself better and create invariably create an unnecesary “CRUTCH.”

I ought to recognize I don’t need to be perfect IN THiS WoRLD

(perfection is elusive & an illusion)?

Jesus took care of my imperfections on The Cross at Calvary.

I suddenly realized I didn’t WANT to “buy in” to the cultural bandwagon of initiating a New Year’s resolution. I needed an alternative:

I decided I was more valuable to the Kingdom because I am “Different” and “Unique”

simply because OF my faith: WITH, THROUGH and IN CHRIST

So on January 1 gave up, gave in and let go of the cultural resolutions “pressure cooker” and focused for change.

My “surrendered resolutions” for God needed to be realigned with what Christ had in store…

to let him guide me, lead me and map out the journey rather than forge that path on my own feeble two feet….I was tired of stumbling.

Yep, done.

Well, those two months since New Year’s have blasted past me at lightning speed, but I shouldn’t be surprised.

I have prayed, frequently and fervently for wisdom, clarity, and direction.


It has been a wild ride.


I have not blogged in nearly 3 weeks and that is no accident. God has given me a lot to think about, process, “percolate” and consider. His “Gifts” of insight are amazingly valuable, but from the standpoint of a human mind. I have found that wisdom can also be overwhelming.

I am further understanding, now, why He doesn’t bombard us with more than He knows we can handle.

Onto the point of Lent through a different lens:

I’m not Catholic. But the past couple of years I tried to look at this season on the church calendar and take a more serious look at what it might mean to me.

What does God expect of me from it?

My realizations of where I “fit in” to His bigger picture become very real the day Lent started.

Honestly, I hadn’t made any plans to give up anything. There’s not much to give up since there’s not much I really indulge in.

The day Lent started I saw a friend post their results from a Facebook “quiz” they took:

“What should you give up for Lent?”

I had decided long ago to stop doing these quizzes.

I saw the link to this particular one several times and had glossed right over it. Until I paused and just did it….

But, I was really thrown by the results.

Oddly enough, my results were: You should give up nothing –

I stopped in my tracks. I laughed in shock. Say WHAT?!

The description went further; basically implying that instead of giving UP anything…

I ought to consider adding something in to my life. That I ought to

SHINE my Light (yes, I found that description incredibly ironic considering this blog address)

  • That I needed to help others and reach out.
  • I needed to add additional dimension to my life –
  • to use the gifts God has given me and get out there AS his hands and feet.
  • To connect with others. Stepping out of MY Box.

Well if that doesn’t BEAT ALL???

So, my assignment for Lent has taken on a totally different pathway. It has turned how I look at life “upside down.”

Instead of sacrificing something from “my life..how am I going to step outside my comfort zone and reach out?

I learned a loonnngg time ago that I can’t out-give God. He is the ultimate “Gift-er.”

But his challenge to me this time around has been profound and his message so personal I’ve had to contemplate what it means and more importantly:

“What do I do with this” and “How?”

And that’s why I wrote this blog tonight. It was time to get back on the saddle.

I’m back to base #1…doing what he wants me to do. Wrestling with him along the way but ready to share.

God does what he wants to do.

What he wants to know is, what Lens are YOU looking through?

Are you going to answer HIM when he knocks on your door?

Are  you ready for Him to BE in your life? To lean on Him?

To understand His purpose for YOUR Life instead of YOUR Own?

If God’s Not DEAD, If He’s surely alive…what would that REALLY mean for your life?

How you live it? Would you make different choices? Would your motivations be different in the decisions you made? What if you DIDN’T Know that in order TO AVOID hell YOU HAD to make a choice? Heaven is Jesus’ gift of salvation to you for accepting HIM! WHAT IF you didn’t know that ???

Do not allow the enemy’s foothold to deny you your rights to eternity. This is a VERY real WAR. And if you are reading this…YOU are smack dab in the middle of it.  Don’t get caught up as a casualty. Make sure you know WHERE you stand in this Battle. Because God and Satan are playing for KEEPs

Please watch this Newsboys video:

As always, Thank you for stopping by and spending your time with me.

I wish you God’s Blessings, His protection and coverage every day….please know, it is ALL possible with God and Christ.

Seek Him and YoU WiLL Find, Amen.



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