(Special Edition Post) The Search for 370:




There has been a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world today. But among them, the one that is leaving the world hanging in the balance is the missing Malaysian Flight 370.

This blog post will not involve theories about where the plane is. Why it might have gone missing. Or where THEY might find it.

This is dedicated to those on board that flight. The passengers. Their families….

There are human interest stories all over the web talking about the crew and passengers.

But what we are looking at here is literally a modern times mystery: I’m thinking of this akin to what some people might call a “Rapture Parable.”

First, please understand: the word Rapture doesn’t actually exist in the Bible. But the concept of The Rapture needs to be understood. The current whereabouts of Flt. 370 are a sobering example.

In the Bible Matthew 24:37-44 describes how people will disappear from around us. They will seem to disappear out of thin air (not unlike Flt 370). I am not saying this is what happened. What I want us all to glean from this series of events is that it is important for us to stand in prayer together and pray for those wrapped up in this mystery. Because, ultimately, the bigger picture of what has happened to the people and this plane is a snapshot of what may be soon to come.

There will be a day when Jesus returns for his Bride, the church (the people, not the buildings that house them) it will happen. It’s not a question if it might, or if it could. The prophecy of this event is coming and it will happen

  • Swiftly and in the blink of an eye (quickly)
  • It will come like a thief in the night (without warning out of no where)
  • It will leave us breathless. Overwhelmed with emotions and grasping at straws.
  • Struggling for answers and meaning

What I want us to think about is that 370 was full of people – people with lives….and it is gone. They are surmising it crashed. But it’s somewhere. Even if we can’t see it. But those people still have hearts and souls.

I hope they are still alive. It is heart wrenching to watch the media coverage of these families trying to cope with a terribly confusing, isolating and unexplainable event.

More than anything, I pray that each person was right with God. That they knew where they stood in the BiG Picture. They believed in the Creator. We want to believe they are alive and they are safe.

We’ve got to keep the faith. We’ve got to keep Shining the Light and maintaining hope. Even in the face of news coverage that speaks of uncertainty. The passengers on that flight NEED it. The families NEED it. We NEED it.

Don’t give up hope. Say that prayer. Maybe this is our wake up call to make a difference? Are you ready to do your part? Prayer changes things…so let’s make it happen. Get right with God today. For the sake of your soul, your family and as a tribute to what those passengers on 370 are going through.


Dear God,

Even with all the high end technology available to us, Plane 370 is missing. It has still not been found. We put the people on this plane in your very capable hands. Help those passengers find comfort in you and Who YOU are. Help them to sustain: guard them, protect them and cover them with your mercy. Help them to remain calm and know that you are with them. Be with their families and fill them with your Spirit.

In these uncertain times, we need your presence now more than ever. Draw us to you and help us to seek YOUR help, YOUR guidance and YOUR wisdom and most of all YOUR SON.  There are answers out there – give us clarity and help us to love each other; Now when it counts the most. Help the lost to find you!


And as always, thanks for stopping by and sharing a small portion of your day with me!




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