In Memory of My Neighbor: One more “shake up”

Another hard lesson. Another “wake up” call.

It’s never easy to let go of someone.

Off I went to bake another batch of my gourmet cookies tonight.

With cars lining up and down on my street today, I knew the cookies would be a welcome sight for their guests.  I was already in denial.

I didn’t want to acknowledge what I knew in my gut. I’ve seen it before. More than once or twice. The signs aren’t hard to piece together.

And as soon as the front door opened, the tears weren’t far behind….

Chris T. was a shining light in this world. Unfortunately, I hadn’t seen him in a while. I knew he hadn’t been well, but I hadn’t done my part to get myself over, be neighborly and just check in. In God’s economy, I obviously still have much to learn.

I’ve been blessed to live in a very sweet, small neighborhood. And though we don’t get to socialize much, our little world changed overnight when one of those voices was silenced. The world now grieves the loss of a man who truly enjoyed people and made a difference.

I’m finding it hard to write tonight because the news confirmation is just a couple of hours old. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around a contemporary parable if I tried. I often feel tears surfacing and feel waves of regret for not trying harder.

My only consolation is that while the sting of death hurts for those of us left remaining here, Chris is now completely healed. He is with God, with Jesus – in Heaven, his eternal home and FREE. The memory of Chris’ light and the ember of his spark is a reminder of why we continue living and loving like Jesus did. We are to never give up hope. Chris didn’t give up hope. He was a fighter and I learned that tonight.

So, this song is not just dedicated to Chris but to all of us. I hope that as you read this blog post and watch this video you begin to know who you are…just like Chris did.

Knowing who you ARE is critical to WHERE you are destined to BE.

We aren’t just an element in God’s creation: we are part of the great I AM.

And that is the only way to live life: secure and faith filled and focused on Jesus. 🙂


Chris, thank you for your friendship and for shining the light of Christ for all to see. You will be missed.






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