“Mother’s” Day: A Mother-less Daughter perspective



I wish each and every Mother out there reading this, a really wonderful day. A day full of blessings and “not to be forgotten” memories.

I pray that you are blessed and are able to spend some portion of this weekend (if not this Sunday) with your family or friends that you enjoy sharing time with.


But for me, this particular weekend has had to take a back seat from my “calendar” of emotions for 31 years now.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and (especially) Mother’s Day are still hard for me. As much as I’ve worked over the years to “toughen up” it only gets modestly easier.

The sting of remembering Mom on Mother’s Day just takes me back to the months preceding her death and most especially the week of her passing


The simple truth is…I only spent 14 years at my mother’s side. Inhumanely short by any standard. Although, I guess that might be more time than others(Forgive me if this is the case.)

Every one of us has the best Mom in the world. Or a mother figure that we identify with, someone that holds a special place in our heart.

Someone that loved us unconditionally. No questions asked. Just because we are/were.

This Mother’s Day I will enjoy the basics of the “present”….it will be less about the over-hyped, over-priced, over-commercialized societal norms of “celebrating.”

I will enjoy the moments of simple conversation, and appreciate the smiles and laughter of those around me.

And I will shift my focus and recall my Mom gazing at me in wonder, watching her make homemade noodles, driving with her in the car across town, going to church on Sundays.

I will try to remember Everything..I will struggle and strain to remember all the little things, all the big things. I miss her voice.

and finally how she relished sitting on the couch and either sewing or reading her bible.

And like her I will find myself doing some of the same things she enjoyed;

by living in the moment, loving and appreciating God’s creation, writing, creating one-of-a-kind embroidered designs, Shining The Light digging into scripture.

I yearn to be a shining light to others, the shining light she was to me.

To spark a fire that kindles other souls…souls that are hungry and thirst for truth, knowledge and wisdom.

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day weekend…but honestly, it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for me to want to celebrate who my Mom was – every day of the year. Even now….


So, I dedicate this space, this blog post to all the Mom’s, ladies and girls whose Mom’s are no longer here. And I want to share with

you the names of some movies I’ve watched in the past that as a Mother-less daughter have really resonated deep down within me.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t difficult to watch…or re-watch, if you will:

Steel Magnolias

October Baby

Terms of Endearment

Mrs. Doubtfire

The BlindSide


The Parent Trap

(and please feel free to add what your favorite “Mother’s Day” style movies are to the comments section)


“I’m no longer a lost sheep; because I have a shepherd watching over me.”


Thank you for making His presence so real to me Mom. Thank you for showing me what trust, faith and grace should look like.



I am so thankful the Newsboys produced this song…it is so timely.

And I will see you again, Mom. I miss you – so very much!


For all Mother’s Everywhere…Have a Happy and Joyous Mother’s Day weekend!

Keeping The Fire of Faith Alive,




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