A Father-less Day: This Daughter Gets Courageous



There is one particular Father’s Day I will never forget.

We were in either Yakima or Wenatchee, Washington for a tournament and eating breakfast before my scheduled match.

I was only about 10 or 11 and had worked hard on a card the previous week for Father’s Day.

Not only had I colored a picture in crayons on the front but I had written him a letter (imagine that!)

I gave it to him as we ate and I watched him open and read it, for his reaction.

Like most men, Dad was pretty thick skinned – and rightly so, considering the challenges he’d face throughout his life


But nothing, and I mean nothing prepared me for the moments when I watched him with that card.

He didn’t say much if anything, but his response spoke volumes.

He read it, kind of shook his head in disbelief and glanced over at my Mom. As he did so, I saw a tear (or two) in his eye stream down his face.

It really struck me.

I don’t even remember what I wrote. The card itself is long gone.

I don’t know that I really ever saw my Dad cry, at least up until that moment…but in that moment, those tears?

Those tears weren’t just my Dad’s tears – they showed me he was a real man.

A real man is hard to find. Because a real man is world’s apart from just being a male.

I can say this from experience because my real Dad was my coach, my mentor and taught me a lot about how to protect myself.

He showed me how a Father loves his kids and how I should respect myself and expect others to treat me as well.

After he died, I learned (almost too slowly) that not all men are built the same


The 2nd “male” I ran across was more dubious in nature. He ended up being the devil’s advocate.

He is the one whose shadow still chases me. It’s this memory that cause me to run in shame.

But, I’m tiring of running…

If my Dad was a blessing from God, then this follow up was a “wolf” in sheep’s clothing.

Though I don’t begrudge the situation…I am forever changed by the events he played a part in

I have mostly put that part of my life in it’s place; but God will have me write about it soon enough.

Forgiveness will come with time, letting go is a process. The journey will make me STRONGER.


I have a Godfather, who, though I didn’t know him well, I appreciated nonetheless.

I loved watching him around other people and his demeanor.

My Dad respected my Godfather immensely.


My Uncle, my Dad’s brother….was another wonderful man. Smart and outgoing, social and well-respected.

The few times I had the opportunity to engage with him, he made me feel good about me. He made me feel important.

He made me feel worthwhile and valued.


Isn’t that all we, as Children of God want? Is to feel loved and valued?

So, for me..with everyone celebrating and barbequing and having family time with their Father’s since mine is no longer around

I will Thank God for the very first Dad He ever gave me as a child, the Man who helped form my foundation for living.

And I will also Thank God for making ME HIS child. Although I don’t have a Dad to say I love you to anymore…

God sees my tears, He hears my heartbreak and He holds me close. And I LOVE HIM.


In an ideal world…those of us who are Fatherless would have someone step care for us.

Love us the way we are. Unconditionally. No strings attached.

Provide us food, clothing and shelter. Be a mentor and help us grow, help us navigate the world.

But that’s not always the reality.

And orphan children are easily damaged and broken…


The Courageous Music Video:



Regardless of where your EARTHLY Father is. God the Father Loves all HIS children

He wants to give us peace. But it’s up to us to be WILLING to let our guard down and allow God in.

Knowing who God is, is different that Knowing what He can do.

and Trusting Him with your Heart, with your soul is allowing Him to move mountains in your life:

Matthew 17:20

New Living Translation (NLT)

20 “You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.[a]


Don’t we all need a Mountain moved? Give HIM a chance.

God – The Father – knows what you NEED. Just ASK.


If you have not seen the movie, Courageous, I highly recommend yous see it once. Here is the trailer for it.

It is has a compelling storyline and great character development…



Thank you for stopping by and please remember….

You have a Light to Shine, So Shine it!








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