Finding The Way: A “Sea of Faces”


I haven’t forgotten to blog.

The past few weeks, the past month has been a season of change. I have continued to dig into scripture. I’ve sought God and He’s been talking to me. He wants me to write….that will come soon.

Things are continuing to quicken and a rapid succession is happening in life all around us.

The purpose of this message is to remind myself that what I write here is for a reason bigger than what either you or I can see. When “Shining a light in the Darkness” was established last year, I had no idea the title was from a verse directly out of scripture. Talk about an awakening and revelation…..

John 1:5

New Living Translation (NLT)

The light shines in the darkness,
    and the darkness can never extinguish it.[a]

I know irregular writing does not make for the best blog….it is not intentional. I want to write for the right reasons. The world is rapidly changing and understanding what is happening, or even making sense of it is something that can only happen through quiet time with God and asking for discernment.
This space is for God to use me when and how HE see’s fit. It is my honor and privilege to follow HIS Lead.
We all need to be in prayer and praying for each other…none of us knows what tomorrow brings.
But GOD is HERE, with US in the moment.
GOD is GOOD ALL the time and GOD is ALWAYS good.
If you don’t know who GOD is, Today would be a good time to get to know HIM. HE does know who YOU are…in amongst all the “sea of faces.”
If you’d like to know more check out:
Also, open your bible to the book of John….it’s the BEST place to start!


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