Veteran’s Day Salute


– Thank you –


To ALL the Men and Women who are serving.

Those who have served.

Those who gave their life


– Thank you –


My Father and Uncle both served. They were both Navy.

My Father’s funeral included a Gun Salute and Flag presentation. I wept.

The Flag was presented to his youngest son, my brother.

My Father didn’t speak much about his time serving.

I wish I’d had the foresight to ask him questions about his experience.

My Father died a few years before my Uncle.

The few times I visited Uncle Joe after Dad’s passing,

I’d pay close attention anytime he would talk with me.

It’s hard right now thinking about them; because I can still hear the echo’s of their voices in my mind.


But I want Dad and Joe,

and most of all – YOU –

Any of you serving for our Country to know:

You have my Gratitude.

– Thank you –


You don’t hear it ENOUGH.


This blog attempts to “Shine a Light,” but I know that each of you has gone above & beyond your call of

duty countless times.


Your Lights SHINE in places most of us will never see.




Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the brave Men and Women who have served and continue to serve this Country.

Thank you for keeping them all safe, protected and covered in your Grace and Mercy.

I pray that those who have given their life are in your glorious presence;

that their loved will always feel you comforting them, through the darkest days and longest nights.

And not just on this Veteran’s Day, but everyday; God Bless America.




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