Total Dependence


We live in a strange world.

We get pulled in multiple directions.

And then…our destinations are further complicated by other momentary distractions.


Do you ever hear HIS still SMALL voice (God’s Voice) vying for your attention?

If you hear it, do you acknowledge it? Or do you ignore it?

I’m at the point lately where I feel like I get nothing done. Or it seems like it.

Laundry piles up so fast, I can’t make a dent in it.

And it sits in clean dry piles, on the dryer waiting to be M-O-V-E-D.

I keep thinking every morning how much I need to vacuum my floors.

*Doesn’t happen*

I’m 3/4 of the way done on purging and organizing to set up for Christmas….but our frigid temperatures make me want to huddle and keep warm with a cup of tea instead.

But, Here I sit.

I’m typing at the keyboard even though I should be grocery shopping.

I want to make Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner. I have no cilantro, canned corn or sour cream. I’m also out of Chicken Bouillon. My ingredient list is at the ready. Then I remember, I have not done any writing for Nano in a week  – Yet He directed me to write this.

I don’t understand what God is doing but God must know what He is doing…

Then I heard him say it: Total Dependence.

I’ve been conversing with friends online about a myriad of topics this morning. From book publishing to blogging to Essential Oils. My mind is getting stretched. There are other Revelations that I’ve gotten lately. Understanding of things I need to sort out. I think that’s why He whispered: “Total Dependence” to me.

We need to expect whirlwinds in our life. But when whirlwinds come, are we ready for them? Do we know what to do as they approach and when we’re in the middle?

Every challenge we face is part of God’s Grand Design.

We can try to weather storms on our own, but should we?

He wants you and I to know that even though He is here and WITH us every moment of every day…we don’t always take advantage of His presence.

God’s Holy Spirit is His gift to us.

If you and I decide to actually DEPEND on God

then He’ll give us the Holy Spirit to lean on and into.

It may seem silly to think that praying to God or surrendering your self (your soul) to Jesus or that getting on your knees is silliness.

That it does not have an affective. But, OH! It does.

I’ve written and shared many times about how I’ve seen God work.

Lord, Help my Unbelief! (Mark 9:23-25)

You know, I’ve seen the clouds cross the sky…but I can’t touch them above my head.

Fog has been outside my front door and yet when I reach out to touch it…nothing is there. It is a vapor.

Thunder can be heard but as loud as it is and much as it might shake my house, I can’t tangibly see it or touch it.

I just know IT’S THERE.

God, His Son – Jesus and the Holy Spirit are the same.

You may not SEE them – But THEY ARE THERE

Many have not seen and will not believe.

Because Jesus has been long in coming, it appears He has forgotten us.

Total Dependence

God wants us to crave knowing Him as much as we need oxygen to breathe.

He wants us to run and jump into His lap as if we were 7 years old again. (Except that we feel foolish at the mere thought of it.)

So we stay away.

Don’t cry alone. Don’t despair. And Don’t WORRY!

If you’ve got no one else to depend on…you’ve got nothing to lose by turning to God.

Challenge God by praying into what you see as “the emptiness.”

Find out if your Independence is better than Total Dependence on God.

He is up for YOUR challenge – Are you up for Him to Help?


Step Up! Step In! Step Forward!

– Kenzel


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