A View of Hell



Hello Friends,

I ran across a video testimony yesterday, that really struck me.

I am posting it here this morning, but only after I have had time to pray and consider it’s implications.

The subject of this video is suicide. I have written about this before.

Click this hyperlink to read, Suicide: The Big Lie.

I do not take the subject lightly and I encourage you to read the above post I wrote earlier this year, if you feel so inclined.

The following video is a woman’s testimony of how the enemy works so hard to deceive us. She provides a description of what Hell is like, also Heaven. I am sharing because her description of Hell is INTENSE.

Most people want to believe in Heaven. They at least want to believe there is something better than “this” waiting for them after. Unfortunately, there are too many more people who don’t want to worry about Heaven or Hell. They prefer to put off talking or thinking about it, just like Death and Taxes.

And while some may hope to end up there when our purpose here is accomplished…we really and TRULY do not want to end up in Hell. Whatever you might think about the “cards you’ve been dealt” on Earth…Hell is not something to mess with; even jokingly. Do not just hope you are Heaven-bound, set yourself up for success.

Make sure you HAVE your ONE WAY ticket ready…..

This interview runs 6:30.

As controversial as it may seem to post,

I WANT to focus on it for its encouragement.

We need to see this as a warning NOT to mess around with our destiny.

View of Hell

There is a Heaven and a Hell.¬† Suicide does not lead to PEACE or Heaven…..


Find your purposeGet RIGHT with God

And Take A Stand!


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