The Castle – A Family Project


Castle Front

Castle Front

I’m writing about a monumental undertaking today.

The photo above is one of 4 pictures of a Castle.

It was assigned as part of a 7th grade Social Studies project.

Keep in mind one thing: I am a Word person. I write. I create

I construct stories, not buildings….

Now, originally when I heard about this assignment (which was given a month long timeline) I did have high hopes for whipping up a whole bunch of chocolate cake and using that for the assembly components (Don’t laugh! I bake from scratch; and the cake and butter cream frosting I make ROCKS!).

However, it didn’t take long to realize that might not be such a brilliant plan!

Then, I juggled the idea of using rice cereal (for easier molding purposes).

Finally, I knew I was over my head and passed this thing onto Dad…and let him work out the details (which he did!).

Incidentally, there were bonus points available; for being able to have the drawbridge open and close. They succeeded.

As for my part? I made the homemade play dough (which was used for Rocks around the base of the Castle walls), the moat and the tops of the walls. I also helped them gather the supplies to put this masterpiece together.

I’m posting photos because it turned out so well (and earned him an A+) and there aren’t a lot of photos of Castles out there to get ideas of.



Side View (R)


Side View (L)

Side View (L)




Rear View

Happy Castle Building!!


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