My last post was 10 days ago. I feel really “blog parched.”

I was on assignment. I wrote. Tough writing.

I faced my worst fears from the past (at least some of them.)

I promise you, it wasn’t pretty.

That being said, Nanowrimo ended today. The goal was to write 50 thousand words in 30 days.

I fell short of 20k, by 3 words.


But then I went to Church today. And I learned about someone I’d never heard of. Mephiboseth.

And I cried.

I am Mephiboseth. Maybe you are, too? Maybe we all are!

The more I read the word, the more I identify with so many of these legendary people.

These people weren’t so different that you or me.

And here we can read about them.

Learn about them, study them and understand what we should be doing!

They had fears. They had joys. They loved and they mourned.

What they didn’t have, they didn’t necessarily need.

But what God wanted them to have, He gave them and gave them plenty!


God is Good. He is my provider. He is my ROCK.

I probably could feel crushed by not having completed the 50k word WORLDLY Nano goal.

But, I won’t. Because I know God’s not done yet.

He’s watched me grow the last 3 weeks. He’s dried tears. He’s typed words for me when I knew I couldn’t

Maybe His plan wasn’t for me to finish, because it’s not my time to be there yet.

I’ve come to realize we learn the most when we are still, and yet remain focused on Him.

His message to me over the last few weeks was that I needed to start healing; it’s imperative.

So, the lesson I learned this month is summed up well by this inspirational meme:


I am on the road to becoming just who God wants me to be. That is the only strength I need.

Maybe His message to me, to us, is that even if change is scary it’s important. We don’t grow unless we do.

Sometimes we have to #Shake things up a bit to discover who we are!

May you be Blessed this week and feel God’s love surround you!




One thought on “Timeliness

  1. It is amazing that we may believe we are heading in one direction (writing those words you referred to) and then find we are prompted to something seemingly meaningless, like tossing out old newspapers-like I was prompted to do (words held onto) and the lesson becomes apparent afterwards – “let go of those words”! I did. I’m refreshed and waiting patiently for HIS next lesson. I enjoyed your post. 🙂


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