Finding Christmas


It’s less than 3 weeks to Christmas.

I am having a difficult time finding the Holiday Spirit, and maybe that IS my problem. Maybe the Holiday Spirit ought not be my goal.

I feel like I’ve been struggling with this for a while. Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas and celebrating my Saviors Birth.

But this year just feels different. Maybe because I am different, now, too.

I don’t watch TV much anymore and when I did recently it was on Thanksgiving Day. It was interesting to watch, but I’m not sure it entertained me.

I watched the parade sitting in my family room a couple thousand miles away. I watched it recognizing that Thanksgiving is acknowledged in this country as the kick off to Christmas – Christmas Shopping that is.

I don’t know when it happened but my fondness for the Spirit of Christmas has waned since I was young. While it’s important to celebrate the birth of Jesus as our Savior, I drag my feet. Christmas was never intended to be “commercial-ized.”

I have occasionally shopped on Black Friday. I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit I shopped last year on Gray Thursday, and in the ensuing weeks ended up returning most everything I purchased.

This year, I ended up boycotting the whole thing. I just didn’t want to budge.

I think it all started the year I started baking and making gifts for the neighbors. I still try to do that. In addition to baking, I try to embroider gifts for family far away.

So why do I still feel like there is an emptiness inside?

Friends, I’d have to guess it’s because this world is not my home and the essence of Christmas and the human spirit has been changing over the decades.

Christmas Day might be the calendar observation of Christ’s birth, but I NEED to live everyday as if it is Christmas.

The world is changing,

AND I want to change with it.

I want to love like Jesus loved me.

I have to keep Christmas in my heart year round. I have to keep Hope, Faith & Love alive and find ways to integrate it daily.

I don’t want to let those Gifts just shimmer at during Advent, I want them to #Shine365.

The Gift of Christmas needs to be given away year round; not boxed up with the wrapping paper and bows on January 1st.

The reason for the season isn’t going to be found in anything we buy for ourselves. What you need most, what we all need most is already here.

God gave us His only begotten Son…

God gave us Hope. We have to chose Love and

Christmas is about Finding Faith.

1 Corinthians 13:13

Three things will last forever–faith, hope, and love–and the greatest of these is love.


Lord, Prepare our hears and minds during this Advent season as we celebrate the birth of your Son, our Savior…

Help us to recognize this Season isn’t about boxes, bows and buying – it’s about the Greatest Miracle of ALL – Given for ALL mankind.

Open our eyes, soften our hearts, and guide us. Amen.




4 thoughts on “Finding Christmas

  1. I agree sometimes the commercial aspect of Christmas sours our outlook about it. There’s a lot of pressure to perform: to create perfect gifts for everyone, make the right foods, decorate well, and don’t gain any weight in the process. Christmas shouldn’t be a season but a year-round attitude of appreciation and love…for what He’s done for us and generosity towards others.


  2. Can I just say, dear new friend, I wish we could grab a coffee…seriously! I am over here rooting you on! Not too many others out there would admit what you did on here and let me tell you, I’m proud to have read this post. You may not feel “it.” You may not be in the Christmas spirit as defined by others…but you are focusing on Him. You are wanting more of what He has to offer. Praying that somehow, He will totally takeover your Christmas in a powerful way.


    • Ohh, Thank you! This worldis Ccertainly a balancing act. But He’s totally taken over… and consumed me! I can’t help but see the work of his hands in everything. God will give me exactly what I need this Christmas… good thing he’s got experience doing this!


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