In the Stillness…



In the Stillness — God is There

I am married to someone who cannot sit still. Do you know someone like this?

They always have to be doing something. I am not kidding.

Years ago, I read the books “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World” and “Having a Mary Spirit” both by Joanna Weaver.




When I read Joanna’s books, I remember identifying with Mary. I couldn’t begin to imagine racing around to make an elaborate dinner with the Messiah present.  But the world is doing this right now and it still expects me to behave like Martha. How often have I gotten caught up in thinking I should DO MORE or BE MORE — MORE of what?

I could sit and write, or read, or sew/embroider for hours.

When I attempt to find the “momentum” of this fast paced world, I falter. My anxiety rises and there is a disconnect.

I don’t get satisfaction from completing a whole list of tasks and racing to see how many I can accomplish from the time I awake to the moment I close my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong. I do clean my bathrooms, tidy my house, and seemingly wash clothes every other day. Since I’m Gluten Free (for the most part,) I have to cook and prepare food. Just looking and thinking about that SHORT list makes my stomach tighten and head sway. I like a clean house. NO, it would not pass the white glove test.

I struggle to balance all of this with my passion for writing.


Paying Attention

I remember watching a television show recently where the guest mentioned that she found the BEST way to connect with God was to meditate on Him or His Word. She also defined her version of the word, “meditate.”

Taking a verse from the bible and repeating it many times. Emphasizing a different word with each pass through. In doing so, we would take a different meaning from it.

I’ve been meaning to try this and did so earlier this week. I’d read my devotional in the morning but this time I re-read the devotional before I feel asleep. Then, I let my mind linger on it as I drifted off. It was as I drifted off that God gave me “scenes” that I would use in the memoir I’m trying to write. He gave me a lead-in to a portion of the story I’ve had no idea how to handle. And the angle He provided was never something I could have come up with on my own.

Then I realized the revelation he gave me happened during “the stillness” of the day. It was that time when I decided to focus on Him. His Grace. His Love. Instead of thinking of worldly things or imagining far off places or places that made me happy…I switched my mind to His Holiness. In just going to Him, in the quiet. Wondering if He knew I was there.

I guess He did. He met me there.

Being “in the stillness” is a simple concept, but it takes effort.

It’s an effort that gave me unexpected return. Jesus spoke about his Living Waters, I do believe this is just a taste of that.

John 4:14

New Living Translation
But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”



Lyrics from “Pray”

I failed to find the time, but You’ve been calling out
I let the days go by as if I could live without
But it’s gotta be here now, I won’t be pulled away
Cause it’s just You and I, so let the world around us fade


Dear Lord, It’s when I let the world fade around me that I seem to find you. I want more of you. Please keep calling me.

Share with me what I need to know. Reveal yourself to me.

Quench the thirst in my soul. Empty me of me, and fill me with Your Spirit.

And all God’s Children said, Amen








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