No More Outcast!


I know, I haven’t been here in a while. I gave away a DVD and I just, “poof,” disappeared!

Besides LIFE, (which we’re all trying to figure out) I have been digging into scripture and letting God lead.

I’ve just started the Book of Luke and having done one full reading run through of all chapters, I am now taking each one slowly apart. The Holy Spirit is giving me a real work out lately and


No matter what anyone tells you; “Walking with God/Jesus and being filled with the Spirit” is not the easy road. It’s anything but. But the road you walk, is paved with unseen treasures and blessings others might miss.

This post is short today. Intentionally short. He’s working on me and on things to share here, but apparently it’s not time yet. However, I heard a song on the radio yesterday – called “Outcast” that hit me like a brick. I can’t believe I’d never heard it before (and this song is from 2005!) and I won’t be surprised if you have!


Have an awesome and blessed Thursday! =)




3 thoughts on “No More Outcast!

  1. Hi! I am visiting you from Christian Women Bloggers Unite. Don’t feel bad. I have never heard the song either. Thanks for sharing it. So many people are conforming to whatever is going on in the world today, even if it is wrong, because they are afraid to be an outcast. I thank God that just like you and the woman in the song, I am not afraid to be one. I pray others come across this post and are encouraged. Have a blessed day!


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