Life Without Coffee


I’ve spent weeks reading, researching and figuring out WHAT is going on. That is why I haven’t posted much.

You might remember that last summer I wrote a post about

My Food Journey:

It was the time when discovered I need to stay away from Gluten.

Whether I want to consider myself “allergic” or food “sensitive” or some other adjective you want to add; we now live in a world where the food we eat does play a role in how we live.

As it turns out, my food journey isn’t over yet. And that is why I am writing today.

Discovering what Gluten does to my body was (forgive the cliche) “the tip of the iceberg.”

After learning about what Gluten does to me last year, I knew something still wasn’t right, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the “it” was. I spent the fall reading and figuring out my symptoms.

I was channel surfing TV stations during lunch to find anything of merit and ran across a gentleman talking about the Thyroid. Generally speaking, this might make the average person yawn and continue flipping channels…except I was already taking Thyroid medication and had decided from the get-go that this would not be permanent. I found out I was listening to guest (Dr. David Brownstein) on a show hosted by Dr. Richard Becker. His words were like light bulbs going off in my head. So much of what he described I could identify with BUT the episode went by FAST. Not long after, I bought his book: Overcoming Thyroid Disorders.

I’m not going into great detail of what the book is about because it’s got a lot of meat to it and the title speaks for itself. What I will say is this.


Here’s why. Every symptom you and I have is a sign of something going on in our body. Some people ignore what their bodies are telling them (or they just don’t “recognize” symptoms). Suffice it to say, I do listen to my body, I pay attention to symptoms and I try to follow my “gut instinct.”

I knew something was still “off” inside but I didn’t know what to tell my Dr. When I read the book (in some cases I skimmed it) I got to the part near the back where it addressed testing.

Such tests include TSH,

free T3, free T4 and our antibodies:

anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (anti-Tg),

anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies (anti-TPO).

I knew I would request that we get these numbers checked out.

I found myself in her office the week before Christmas last year. The appointment, itself is a blur. But, what I learned from that appointment has changed the course of this journey I am on, again.

We knew my Thyroid was functioning at a low level…we didn’t know the extent. She ordered a FULL thyroid panel.

The results came back quickly. And my reading and research had paid off.

The T3 and T4 numbers were off. My antibodies count showed that my body WAS attacking itself.

Do you recall my mentioning the symptoms I’d been feeling? Well, I didn’t mention the symptoms but they were indicative of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditus. Here are just a few of many more symptoms (you can look it up online).



Weight gain

The tests confirmed Hashimoto’s.

So why would I title this post, “Life Without Coffee?”

Having grown up in Seattle, I’ve been around coffee, coffee beans and it’s rich aromatic scent most of my life. I still love the scent of coffee. But that’s where my fondness stops.

How often has someone said to you “Let’s meet for Coffee?”

When I was small, my Dad used to make and taught me how to make fresh ground coffee. Grinding our own beans and taking them directly to the coffee pot. He’d make me a nice small cup of what he called, “Cafe ‘Ole” to sip alongside him. A tiny amount of coffee and a whole lotta milk! Dad drank regular coffee, straight. Beautiful Memories right there.

I never took to the flavor of coffee. Didn’t like it from the start.

But now, I have begun to understand why.

I’ve guessed that people drink coffee for two reasons:

1) it’s warm and helps wake the body up slowly upon rising

2) the caffeine helps to “start the motor” in their body.

Well, you know the effect that drinking the coffee gives you…waking the body up, starting your engine, providing the sought after adrenaline boost?

I feel that adrenaline boost most of the day, without even taking a sip of coffee. I wouldn’t call it a boost either. It is an uncomfortable feelings. It’s a feeling of an adrenaline surge – pulsing through my body about an hour after I wake up. Except instead of it being a way to KICK me into gear – it causes my energy to drain and become fatigued FAST.

Have you ever heard people talk about loving an adrenaline rush? Thrill seekers that go out to find that adrenaline high?

I feel that adrenaline rush…most of the time. You’d think it would be great, right?

Um, No.

So, I may not drink coffee but I still do feel the effects of what a coffee rush can be like…only I feel it a lot. Without so much as a sip of coffee. It’s a weird feeling to know that a seemingly harmless thing like caffeine is something I not only DON’T want to drink, but I can’t and shouldn’t. The last time I had a cup (even of decaf) I felt lousy. I know that must sound weird. It is, what it is.

This is Hashimoto’s. An autoimmune disorder I am learning about and trying to understand.

God is lighting the path for me to follow, and I am letting Him lead.

I found this music video. It is a perfect fit for this post. I usually can spend too much time trying to find the “just right song” to fit the theme of my message. Not today. I found this song, “Pieces” by Meredith Andrews and it is a perfect fit.

Incidentally, Hashimoto’s most commonly affects women ages 30-60 – with the majority of us diagnosed after age 40. And, too often…the correct diagnosis is missed in women. I can’t tell you how many ladies I have talked to that DO have hypothroidism but don’t have the full picture because the full battery of Thyroid panels haven’t been looked at. And those results can change over the years.

Just know: God knows what we are going through. And you know why I know that’s true? Because of these promises:

Psalm 29:11 King James Version (KJV)

11 The Lord will give strength unto his people; the Lord will bless his people with peace.

Psalm 13:5King James Version (KJV)

But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation.

Every road, every pathway God is leading me to is an opportunity for growth. Through all the fires I have been through, God has cried with me when I have cried,every step of the way. Just as he has helped to overcome every battle I have ever struggled against. When I achieve a victory, we  celebrate, together. Without Him, I would not be here to write.

Dear God,

I write this knowing that I don’t understand everything…but I hold tight to you in faith knowing that you do. That you know everything about me. I am grateful for EVERY blessing you have given. Help me to always seek you. I pray for your wisdom, clarity and discernment. Thank you for loving me, unconditionally.

Lord, I realize that I am weak. Although people tend to admire strength, help to lift me up in my weakness and use me as your vehicle. (2 Corinthians 12:9)





…..And All the Time, God is GOOD!


4 thoughts on “Life Without Coffee

  1. I can relate to so much of this post. I have to avoid gluten because of coeliac disease, and I have to avoid alcohol because of my past. Coffee is not great for me, but I stubbornly hold on to it because I find that I can’t give up everything and stick to it. However, i have reduced it quite a bit lately.


      • Anyone with thydroid issues but especiallu Hashimoto’s should be completely gluten free, the reason for this is because the gluten protien and the thyroid cells like remarkably similar and if the body is attacking one they will attack the other sooner or later.

        I love the verses that you shared. Great reminder for me. 🙂

        I’m starting the GAPS diet tomorrow to hopefully heal my gut and boost my immune system. I also have Hashi’s and am hoping for a remission after following that plan.


      • Rebekah, I totally agree about being gluten free! I’m also feeling a lot better now that I’ve added probiotics and kombucha to the mix! But, I really like applying clove and frankincense EO’s topically and think they’ve helped, too.


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