Maybe We’re Afraid?


Are we afraid to escape the fears that bind us?


Are we afraid to find freedom and truly live?



We weren’t given life to hide in the shadows or darkness

What is your passion? What drives you? Motivates you?


If you don’t know, ASK the one person who knows you…

better than you know yourself:






Take his hand. Trust H-I-M.

You have NOTHING to lose.

He didn’t create you to live in fear.

He’s given you a voice.

He’s given you gifts.                      

Gifts that are WASTED if not USED!

Be afraid of NOT KNOWING what your GIFTS are –


ASK God what your GIFTS are and

to show YOU how to use them.


Psalm 34:4

“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me, freeing me from all my fears.”


Be Blessed and Encouraged tonight…

Seek Him and F-I-N-D Rest,



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