When God Speaks: You Listen

I have heard the soft whispers these past weeks.

They’ve been there. But I kinda, sorta dragged my feet.

There was no denying today, though, that God wanted me to listen to Him.

In no uncertain terms, I heard him say no less than 3 times – in rapid fire order.

“I want you off facebook.”

“I want you off facebook.”

“I want you off facebook.”

He spoke clearly. Directly, yet firmly. He did this because I’d asked him over the weekend to reaffirm the, as yet, unclear whispers.

Boy, did He!

I’ve done enough reading in scripture to know that when God says something once, it’s important.

If he says it twice, pay even closer attention BUT

When he says something 3 or more times it’s time to heed and prepare for action.

Why would he ask me to do this? I was surprised when He told me:

“I want you to get closer to me. I want your focus to be on my will for YOUR life. You sense the plans I have for you, Let me help you reach them. The resistance you feel is the enemy. You HAVE the Power. Wield it. Don’t fear it.”

I have called you by name,

You are MINE.

(emphasis mine) Isaiah 43:1

Facebook can be a tool but it’s now your distraction.

You don’t need it now, It won’t get you to the finish line.


You KNOW this.

You’ve known it.

I promised I would heal you. Let me get busy healing you. We have work to do!

We’ll use this time you set aside and discover what is TRULY possible. Your faith is growing, so let it expand and blossom!

Let’s start creating the masterpieces you’ve dreamed of.

Your miracles are within reach.”


I’m not giving up Lord.

You never gave up on me.

I am what I am because of you.

Help me find the mustard seed, buried deep down, to become what you intended.  In Jesus name…I pray, Amen.




12 thoughts on “When God Speaks: You Listen

      • I understand the stubborn trait well. God spoke something to me a year ago. I kept doing what I thought was what I should be doing so he spoke it again and I’m venturing now in that direction. I’m not sure where it will all go but I am praying that if he planted the idea/seed, then he will water it and make it grow into the idea and purpose he meant it for. You’re welcome…Happy Thursday! 🙂


  1. Blessings on your journey Kenzel. May I feature this at Counting My Blessings Link Party this week? It goes perfectly with my theme for the week. Thanks for Tweeting it to me. Enjoy a wonderful day!


    • Soraya, I feel the same way about hearing God’s voice. There is nothing quite like it and I treasure the moments when He blesses me with it! Thanks for taking the time to peruse my blog. God Bless! -Kenzel

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