Do you have a Bible?

Is it sitting on a bookshelf gathering dust?


I wrote earlier this week about Facebook. About how God directed me to step away from it.

That was a week ago. I have been facebook-less for going on 7 days.

I didn’t realize that I’d become addicted to it. God did.

God’s called me to write. So, I’ve got this blog…is it enough?

He’s been encouraging me to write my memoir – and it got a healthy start during Nanowrimo.

But I haven’t trusted Him enough to keep going.

But more than that, I’m paralyzed about exposing the darkness of yesterday, my darkness and the dirtiness of my un-holy carnal self.

Yes, I am broken…but as my creator He is also my healer.

Yes, I am a sinner: but He died and resurrected to cleanse every LAST sin.

Yes, I belong to HIM.

Apparently, many people alive on the planet today believe that when the disciples of the Bible passed on the, the “time of miracles” had disappeared with them.

I say, NO WAY.

God is God. That has never and will never change.

As He said “I will never fail you nor forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)

I re-watched the adventure movie series Indiana Jones over the weekend.

I loved watching the movie as a kid but I really appreciated watching it again 30+ years later! I was stunned at how much this series was Biblically based. Indi searches for the “Ark,” for the “holy grail” and “chalice.”

Indiana searched for it, just like everyone of us has since the day were were born. Because we were Born in God’s image. (Genesis 1:27)

The Bible is a rich resource. It is FULL of answers.

It is also full of parables and (as I can attest) can also be very confusing and read like “gibberish”

It need not read like gibberish…if you are truly SEEKing God and earnestly looking for answers.

Every one of us is looking for something. In our state of needy sinful-ness we will all give in to temptations we have no business messing with.

At some point, God HOPES we’ll take notice of Him. At some point He hopes we will repent, accept and surrender.


Because WHEN we do it opens up opportunity in our lives to blessings we would have missed and we remained outside of God’s Will.

When you ask God for help, it’s as if you are talking to God. Talking to God is a form of prayer (“praying without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians: 5:17) and when we open up the Bible and take TIME with God to READ scripture HE IS ABLE to provide answers through HIS Word!

The more often you open that dusty, book – shelved-Bible the more often your thirst for hearing from God will CALL you. God’s word isn’t antiquated, outdated or without meaning.

God’s Word has more meaning now than at any point in history. It is literally, History coming to LIFE in front of us. It is a Living Book. It is Powerful.

Part of knowing where the Power lives is understanding HOW to USE it.

Trust God. Trust His Word. We don’t have to be Brave and Courageous, we just have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Letting him work THROUGH us; we CAN be unstoppable.

Dear Lord,

Help us to reach out to hold your hand. Help us to not fear ASKing, dreaming BIG dreams and discovering who YOU are. We can find the answers if we will open up our Bibles and allow YOU IN!

Lead us to your throne and help us to love like you! Amen




2 thoughts on “Ask-Pray-Seek

  1. I believe we are to walk out the miracles in our lives. He said we will do what He did and more. When my shadow heals someone I’ll know I’m getting close


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