Diamonds & The Struggle

I first heard “Diamonds” by the group Manafest a few weeks ago. It was playing on Air1.

I was drawn by its melody. I heard it at least twice before I watched the video. “Diamonds” is more of Christian Rock, but I really like it and it captured my attention.

Today, I also found video that discussed the song background.

My struggles and your struggles exist. They are real. The struggles we face come with lots of “garbage” attached. The enemy disguises everything he presents us with the intent to tempt us to walk down roads he knows will tear us down.

Our enemy desires to destroy us, to get our attention. Using temptations disguised as “Dazzling Diamonds” – he attempts to LURE us with something we want – not something we need.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Do we allow ourselves to be seduced by the enemy with the “Diamond” illusion or Trust God to provide us the purest diamond. The Diamond we earn by placing our utter faith in Him. By trusting in His (God’s) Control and timing – – and relinquishing our NEED to do things our way, The World’s Way, following the enemy’s pathway toward destruction.

Don’t BUY into it. Don’t be seduced by the temptations of this world. Temptations can manifest in a variety of ways. One person’s dazzling diamond might be another person’s shining new sports car or a way to make money FAST. There are lots of things that we see that are made to LOOK shiny. Don’t allow yourself to be compromised by the periphery diamonds.

You ARE a Diamond. Don’t let the enemy fool you otherwise. You may not see a Diamond in the mirror, you may not feel like a Diamond and worse, you may have been told you are not valuable. God SAYS otherwise.

The reality is, what the WORLD says doesn’t change who YOU were made to BE. A Diamond goes through a rough refining process to become the shiny, reflective, VERY Expensive and TOUGH as nails JeWEL that it does.

Our God is refining us daily, but He makes sure we are not walking through the fires of life, alone!

Jesus did endure the cross, but the cross was by no means the end of Jesus life. It was, in fact, just the beginning.

and this is the Artist Explanation

Music really helps me to relate to the world. Both this world and God’s World to come.

I hope you take the time to watch both videos. There’s value in the songs lyrics and in understanding why the song was written. I hope you benefit from it as much as I did.


Direct our footsteps. Allow us to thirst for your Word and open the pages of scripture to drink in your knowledge. We seek discernment.

Thank you for being the Lamp to light our pathway. Help us stay on the straight and narrow.

With you, all things are possible and we need no longer fear.


Happy Wednesday!

Be Blessed,



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