Sounding The Trumpet

Scare Tactics

I wrote a blog post yesterday, of which I have yet to publish.

After I finished writing the initial draft, I experienced an intense attack of Spiritual Warfare.

I don’t know what it was; a stress attack, emotional anxiety, heart attack?

It happened as I was about to scan and upload a photo I had already pictured was a perfect match for my blog topic. I already have the music video. But I had to stop. For the first time in my life, I nearly couldn’t breathe. And yes, I was scared.

I hope to go back, re-read, edit it and post it soon – someday.

Troubles on the Path

Jesus told us to expect troubles in this life. He told us to be prepared. I thought I had been doing that. I guess I haven’t been doing enough.

I’ve read enough scripture to know that as a follower and fellow believer in Christ Jesus I am not only to share His Good News and encourage others I am also supposed to be a Watchman on the Wall.

I read about this the first time I read the Bible in a Year on the YouVersion Bible App. It’s not that I didn’t take that assignment seriously, but to be honest I guess I have been hesitant in doing so.

However, I don’t want to find myself at the end of my life or at the Judgment Seat of Christ and not have done what I was called upon to do. I have no legitimate reason not to. Well, other than feeling like Moses – and not feeling capable or competent about SHOUTING IT OUT.

Per God’s nudging; I am “Sounding The Trumpet”

My carnal flesh can’t believe I am saying this, even if my Spirit knows better.

I’ve written very little about The Blood Moons and The Shemitah (though I have briefly mentioned them in previous posts). If you aren’t familiar with these topics: GET familiar.

Today’s post, His message for me – to share with ANYONE willing to listen and hear is:


Several years ago, roughly 2007/8, I was cleaning up the kitchen. This was when we were still on the West Coast.

Standing at the counter island, it was early in the day when I felt something, like a pause in time. I had officially started my walk with God (that year or the year before), and it was His Spirit communicating (though I didn’t fully understand it at the time.).

As we paused together in that moment, He told me to prepare because the “Winds of Change” were approaching and we would be leaving that house SOON: at the time – in that moment, that’s all he said.


He wanted me to emotionally prepare and not be taken by surprise. Even though His Whisper came as a surprise, it was the kindest thing he could have done for me; given me advanced word. Different than a word of warning, this was more a “notice” of sorts that not only was he in control but he cared about me enough to share his intentions and not have me blindsided.

By the end of 2008, we were gone. When we left, we hadn’t sold the house. Take note though, he didn’t say the house would be sold. He simply said, we would be leaving. Yeah….

That’s the memory that stands out the most. The one he wants me to use. There are others. Gentle “notices” that led to many more emotional losses.

The point being, when the Holy Spirit speaks, I have learned He speaks for a reason.

Heed. Listen & Act.

I am Sounding The Trumpet because, this time, the Winds of Change are imminent. Something BIG is on the horizon.

Be Prepared: Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.

If you do not know God; Repent and Accept Him today. Get Baptized.

If you are not in the best physical shape. Take baby steps to get there.

Do what you can to make things right with your brothers and sisters. This is what I was doing yesterday. I was writing a Birthday post to my deceased sister. I was asking for her forgiveness.

We live in a temporary world. Hard as that is to imagine, it is a process of recognition I am working through. The year long purge or transitional purge I have been working on and written about are no accident.

Time is SHORT

We are not at the end of the World – because the world actually doesn’t end. We are in The End of Days (which started during the book of Acts, sometime around Jesus Ascension) but many parts of scripture indicate the End of Days would not be infinite. Things as we know them, will change. If you think death and taxes are the only sure things, think again.


I want to be honest with you. Life is good. It is a blessing and it is beautiful. But the world we LIVE IN is still full of sin and it’s the sin that ruins it for everyone.

I don’t know what’s coming, specifically, yet. But I do know that something is coming, because I’ve heard him whisper “Winds of Change,” repeatedly and again. This time, He is sharing it with me but not just for my benefit. This message is for ALL of US.

Get Right with God – before that Trumpet is blown.

Heavenly Father,

I do not feel competent to speak on my own, but this is your venue and here I am. If anyone out there has ears to hear, help them to listen. Help them open their eyes and remove the veil that separates Truth from Lies; to discern the dangers of the visible and the invisible.

This world and everything in it belongs to you. You have made clear to me that I arrived here with nothing and will leave with nothing, EXCEPT my relationship with YOU.

Thank you for helping me to Sound The Trumpet: Prepare us for what’s to come and cover us with your protection.

Thank you for your Grace, Forgiveness, Unfailing Love and the Peace that surpasses ALL understanding.

In Your Name, ALL God’s Children Prayed – Amen

May His Blessings Be YOURS,