Running from Forgiveness part 2

Wanted to share this. Beautifully written by Jan Cobb.



Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

Do any of these resonate with you?

If only I hadn’t done….

Why do I keep on sinning?

I am not good enough to be in the presence of God.

How could He ever choose me after what I’ve done?

There’s no going back now.

I am so stupid!

I have caused so much pain, how can I ever face them?

What have I done?

Extending God’s grace to myself can be difficult because I know the depth of my sin.  Oh how I’ve let him down, let others down and gone back on my word.

I remember in High School, after being way to intimate with my boyfriend feeling ashamed and guilty. How could I face the community of believers that I was a part of? How could God ever love me, use me or trust me again? Why am…

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