Easy Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Hello! Yes, I’m still here 🙂

I’ve been learning how to live with Hashimoto’s (Hypthyroidism).

Between reading everything I can get my hands on about this mostly misunderstood condition; digging into scripture and continuing to purge and organize my house…I admit, I haven’t blogged much here. Well, that is, I haven’t posted anything you can see. I have started a half dozen pieces since the last published post and have yet to complete them. I guess I just didn’t feel like I was in the writing grove….and I didn’t want to bore you.

While my lack of blogging has been a serious bummer for practicing my craft….

I have been learning anything and everything I can about Auto Immune Issues. If you, yourself, aren’t dealing with AI Issues, it’s likely you know someone that is.

I think (one of) the more disturbing things I learned was about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). I learned that in lab studies, animals they tested it on gained weight about 300x’s faster than average: 300x’s!!

Then I thought about all the chocolate syrup (which contains a lot of HFCS)  I had consumed over the last 3 years and the damage that consumption had done to my thyroid and how it affected my metabolism, which is why I gained weight.

Having discovered the gut/brain connection, and how my habits have been affecting me – my mind has been spinning. I’m not sure if I was more disappointed in myself for my ignorance or that I hadn’t recognized how addicted I’d become to the stuff.

While I am about begin a whole body detox program to help heal my gut issues (Leaky Gut) and (hopefully) see some true improvement there was one thing I wanted to share that I discovered in the last couple of days. I have been weaning myself off the last of the commercial chocolate sauce and have been searching and experimenting for my own alternatives and have finally found one that works.

Easy Homemade Chocolate Sauce.

Now granted, Chocolate is something we should have sparingly.

And sugar is something we are learning we need a LOT LESS of (and I DO NOT consume artificial sweetener. I can’t even make myself like Stevia 😦

Given that I will be starting my detox program, sugar will not be a part of my food repertoire for at least 30 days and I know I will likely be needing to remove it for the long haul.

But IF and When we need a little chocolate sauce for a special occasion, whatever that may be – I ran across an idea online late last week that I’ve modified it to fit my own tastes. So, I’m sharing my version here.

Chocolate Sauce Recipe

1/4 cup water (1/2 cup if you like a thinner consistency)

3/4 cup – 1 1/2 cup honey (see notes below)

10 TBSP Cacao powder

dash Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Combine in a blender or food process til smooth.

If you like stuff super sweet, go with the larger amount of honey. I like honey in general but that much was too much for me. Next time, I might even try just 1/2 cup to start.

I added the salt because I liked the balance of flavor better with the touch of it at the end.

When I used to consume the chocolate syrup with HFCS in it, I didn’t like how it made me feel about 20-30 minutes later. It’s like my AI Antibodies would “spike” and to top it off my taste buds were never satiated. With this version…I was satisfied after one serving. One point I should make is that supposedly Honey and HFCS have very similar chemical components. So even though honey is considered natural – we have to take it all in moderation!

Even so, I still like knowing I am making the sauce in my kitchen

Incidentally, we have used this in the Coconut Milk Hot chocolate we made for breakfast and it was fabulous (with just a touch of vanilla extract added.)

The sauce is an alternative for the milk chocolate chips I didn’t want to keep using (which contain soy lecithin and had a tendency to irritate my AI sensitivity.)

I’m not saying this recipe is for everyone, but I loved how easy it is to make with only 4 ingredients!

Bon Appetite!




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