Which Words will YOU Chose?

Taming The Tongue

I have lived with and listened to many people who can talk, a lot.

One thing I have learned, is that many people who speak – do so with an unbridled (untamed) tongue. In other words, they speak without a filter.

The tongue is probably the most dangerous of all our body parts. The words it speaks can and do bring death and life to people we encounter everyday.

I have heard people speak gently and use their words to LIFT others – they are thought out, filtered and full of wisdom to help others who were struggling. These are encouraging and uplifting words (positive reinforcement, compliments.)

We must remember, we all struggle in one form or another. A mistake we all make is judging people by what we see, the moment we look at them. Without knowing where they are coming from or what they are dealing with.

I have known a fair number of people who don’t care what they say, how they say it or how others might receive their words. Their words can spew hate, anger and resentment. Most often, these people are hurting in some way themselves. They don’t know how to express their feelings, other than to locate a “target” and fire their “verbal missiles.”

More often than not, I have been on receiving end of fiery darts sent by an untamed tongue. Fortunately, I have developed a rather thick skin. Granted, the thick skin does not stop the words from making my heart bleed. Or help me stop tears from forming when wicked words cross the threshold. The thick skin only reminds me, that this too, shall pass. That God hears every word spoken….AND

If GOD SPOKE creation into existence (Genesis 1:1-5), and we are created in HIS image then consider HOW profound it is that our SPOKEN words can have the same effect (that what we VERBALIZE brings LIFE & Death to those we interact with).

Spoken words created life back then (the earth, the animals, Adam).

On the other hand, the enemy’s spoken words brought our destruction (temptation & the fall, the pit, death)

Chose carefully. Chose thoughtfully. Words spoken are not easily forgotten (even if they are forgiven)

Words Wound and Words Heal

Don’t underestimate the Power of your Words and HOW you use them.


Teach us to bridle our tongues, to filter our thoughts and to be a Life force for those around us. Though our days are numbered (Job 14:5-) we need to lift others up and pray for you to lift us up. We need not hurt others as we have been hurt. We need to live, love and SpeakLife.

I Pray this over ALL God’s Children, Amen

Please remember: There IS more to this life than what you see….

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing to others.



23 thoughts on “Which Words will YOU Chose?

  1. I find this especially true for myself because I talk an awful lot on my shows and I try my best to make sure I don’t say harmful things to anyone and to disagree about the subject or a topic without attacking a person. It’s amazing how much damage we do with our unbridled tongues. I tend to make sure with people, especially those who I have virtual relationships with, to ensure I haven’t offended or been hurtful unnecessarily. What happens then is that the tongue is what you speak but what you write. As we tend to build our relationships virtually, I think it becomes more important to be careful. A lot of times, people can get offended online and snap judgments are made on a quick post or a word taken in the wrong context. Good post!


  2. Hi, thank you for coming by my blog! Now I have came by yours and I must say this post is really timely for me. A couple months ago I had someone say some pretty mean stuff to me and no matter how hard I have tried to let it go, what was said has really stuck with me and the person who said those words seems to go on as if nothing ever happened. What she does not know about me is that I spent over 10 years of my life in hiding with very debilitating social anxiety problems. In 2010 with the help of Jesus I walked into a church, was saved, spent a couple of years in counseling and for the past 5 years I have climbed out of my shell and have been living life again and its been so good. When she said what she said to me, it hurt and it sent me into a bit of a tailspin and I started slipping into my being afraid of people thing a bit. I have since realized that I can’t allow the words of one person to bring all that back on, but I am angry with her now and keep thinking how I just want to tell her how I feel. Your post helps me realize we just really do not know what other people have going on so we really should choose our words carefully. As in me towards her also, I keep thinking for her to be so mean maybe she had some of her own things going on and is hurting too. I am thinking I really should continue to keep my own words in check. Sorry for writing a book in your comments… This really is a good post and I am usually not so long winded in the comments!


    • Terri,
      I’m blown away by that compliment about liking the blog post, so thank you…but God led me to write it because I too am going through a season of knowing what to say, and when!

      Words are…my life. Always have been. My heart & spirit have been crushed time & again by careless words spoken without thought. People who don’t live with Christ in their heart, and especially with past hurt are more prone to this approach/habit.

      You might be amazed at how often I hesitate to write about topics that feel really raw & leave me very exposed. “Foreshadowing” is one of them as was “The Quickening.”

      I know My God loves me. I know he loves you. And I remind myself of how important Eph 6:10-18 is. So, join with me & Armor Up!
      I appreciate your comment!
      – Kenzel

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    • Hello Terri,
      I’m glad you have shared in depth. It speaks to me. I usually make it my business not to consciously hurt others with my words because I hate it when it is done to me (unfortunately, it doesn’t stop me from thinking of the hurtful things I’d like to say back in return!).
      I also read somewhere that it takes about 5-6 good comments to erase 1 bad. It’s difficult to remember, or even care at the time of the offence (UK spelling) that the other person spouting their nasty words may also be hurting. Thank you for sharing your experience and I pray God will heal and strengthen you inwardly and will constantly empower you to resist the Enemy’s attempts to draw you back into that place of debilitating anxiety.


  3. “If GOD SPOKE creation into existence (Genesis 1:1-5), and we are created in HIS image then consider HOW profound it is that our SPOKEN words can have the same effect (that what we VERBALIZE brings LIFE & Death to those we interact with).” Yes, profound thought. Words are real things, they have power!


    • James was part of my devotional today & I didn’t want to stop! Wonderful to have u “following” along. I would love to post more often, b/c I get flooded with ideas from the HS but can’t write them fast enough! Plz be sure to read previous posts….there are many that are truly “Spirit” inspired.
      Welcome & Happy Thanksgiving!
      – Kenzel

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  4. What a time to read this – taming my tongue has been on my mind. More often, I wish I knew how to tie up people’s wild, runaway-horse tongues. I think, for me, they’re connected. I’ve tried to understand the pain that feeds fiery tongues, but it hasn’t worked much for me (I’m a real piece of work). The hurt outweighs everything else. But there is one thing that has worked: reciting a prayer we have – the Litany of Humility. The prayer tells me any change has to begin with me. The first few times saying the prayer weren’t easy as there’s too much of the wrong type of fire within me, but over time, I’ve sensed a gentling of the wild gales within when someone hurts me with that bit of flesh.

    The effect of the prayer doesn’t last long, though, because humility is a journey until death, not a single leap. I guess that’s something to work on πŸ˜€


    • We all have a journey designed just for us, by the Creator.

      I don’t know anyone who is able to keep their tongue controlled…at least not on this side of the veil. That’s one reason I’m trying to commit Eph 6:10-18 to memory. It pretty much sums up every part of what this “fleshly” existence has to deal with & provides a tool that when spoken Is limitless.
      Thanks for reading & commenting!
      – Kenzel


  5. Hi,
    Excellent post and I love your prayer particularly the part we need not hurt others as we have been hurt. I still haven’t managed to develop a thick skin but perhaps that will come with time! πŸ™‚


    • Ladycee, Thank you.
      I don’t think a “thick skin” is developed all at once or will cover all parts of the body. As people’s words are spoken to us, without our “Armor” on, there is always potential for more damage. Jesus spoken word & HS is the only protection from those flaming arrows.

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  6. I really enjoyed this post. As I interact with many different people in my community and online, especially those who are of a different religion or who don’t believe in God at all, I am asking God to give me the right words to share with them.

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