Kombucha: Waiting on my “Scoby”

For some people it’s all about coffee

For other’s – daily tea time is a requirement.

Because I am working through Adrenal Stress issues, coffee and caffeine is not my friend.

I don’t drink soda (pop/coke; depending on where you live in the U.S.) because one sip and I feel sick to my stomach.

Then last summer I picked up a bottle of Kombucha. I’ve tried several different brands and flavors. But, I gotta be honest…even if each bottle has two servings in it – these little glass bottle gems aren’t an inexpensive luxury at $3.oo a piece!

So, the cook and baker in me kicked into gear and I started to “wonder” if making Kombucha at home might be possible. I learned months ago it was, but was daunted by the idea of having to make a “Scoby.” Well, I finally took the leap over the weekend and took on the challenge.

I am in beginning process of making a Kombucha Scoby.

Supposedly the process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks, depending on temperature of the room. I’m trying to keep temperature here about 70*

Kombucha is supposed to be great for Autoimmune and Leaky Gut issues. Which is exactly what I am working to improve. And I love the taste of the flavored Kombucha so I would love it if I could make this work.

Have a Blessed Monday,



2 thoughts on “Kombucha: Waiting on my “Scoby”

  1. Love me some kombucha! Have you tried posting on Facebook asking if anyone has a scoby to give you? I have two right now and just gave one away. If we lived close, I would let you snag my next one! =] Good luck! If you love the bottled type, you are definitely going to be getting into double fermentation and all that jazz! Lots of fun! =] I haven’t even dappled in that as of yet. Make sure you share how it turns out!


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