Homemade Candied Ginger


The cooked ginger in sugar syrup

I developed an affinity for candied ginger sometime last year. I’d never considered trying to make it though,  until I went to my local farmer’s market and it wasn’t available….(cue the big ‘ole sad face! )

I like eating ginger and how it helps my digestion. But I discovered the most recent ginger I bought actually is made using sulfur dioxide (not such a good thing.)

Thus my inner cook kicked in!

I picked up fresh ginger root yesterday…and found myself peeling it earlier. After two rounds of boiling on the stove, it is now cooling in the syrup base – but not for long.

I plan on draining the syrup and saving it (ginger infused sugar syrup? Imagine the baking possibilities?!)

I have taste tested the paper thin strips and even without being “coated” & tossed with sugar to “crystalize,” these are already really good!

Catch you later!
– Kenzel


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