The Force: Time to Wake

Yesterday I was in a store. I walked down the toy aisle. I wasn’t really looking for anything,  I just felt pressed to walk.

That’s when I happened upon these.
They are life size action figure “battle buddies.”

This is the storm trooper



This is Darth Vader



I cannot begin to tell you how much these things just felt *creepy.* I stood in the toy aisle for a few minutes just stunned

I know they look like a toy. Something about them, though, was out of the ordinary. I can’t explain that now though.

I know Star Wars opens this weekend. I know this episode has been titled The Force Awakens.

I’ve got to say, I don’t think this will be the Star Wars we are so familiar with.
But it will be interesting learn what the message of this movie is.



7 thoughts on “The Force: Time to Wake

  1. Great looking out! Many are asleep concerning the enemies agenda which trans humanism. (the true mark of the beast) There are alot of information concerning it and just bout all the movies that are out is pre-programming the masses for the end time demonic army. Hence the movies the Transformers and all others like it. There are a lot of subliminal messages in these movies…Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth of the matter.


  2. Never been a Star Wars fan, but one has to wonder if such life like toys are not part of desensitization programming to ready the public for what awaits in the future… Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.


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