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Is ISIS plotting to kill or capture the President of the United States and trigger the End of Days?… –


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  1. Interesting possibility. This might be a scenario resulting in what will be Obama’s Revelation 13:3 “transformation”.

    Another possibility that would bring more “bang to the bunk” would be utilizing an MK Ultra mind-controlled person who is a white male veteran, patriot Christian Constitutionalist. . . That would then be utilized to provoke race riots and mandated gun confiscation.

    Whatever way they will do this, it will be used to bring in chaos. I do believe we need to be diligent in remembering WHEN the Revelation 13:3 event occurs, that it is going to be a delusion of some sort . . Either via “Hollywood production”, a body double, Utilization of Project Blue Beam (to beam a hologram image) or even possibly a clone. Then count 1 day . . . 2nd day . . 3rd day . . Oh looky he is alive (and fully manifesting Lucifer).

    Interesting times we are in.

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