S.c.o.b.y: Lesson & update


What the Scoby looked like last week


Tomorrow would have marked 3 weeks since I started growing my own Scoby from scratch. I had two glass vases/containers that seemed to be producing…but the Scoby’s were forming at a very slow rate.

It turns out to get the mushroom to grow you have to use distilled water and either black or green tea. I used filtered water but the water must be free of fluoride and chloride…which won’t happen unless you buy distilled. If your water contains any trace of these, they affect Scoby growth.

I had also used Earl Grey tea because it is black tea. Turns out the way Earl Grey is processed it contains oils that affect the fermentation process.

I decided to take a closer look at the Scoby today and check out the tea. I didn’t get to take any photos with the sample I examined but will try to remember with the sample I have left.

The Scoby is a really cool little gem. The tea was still very sweet. There was no taste of vinegar since fermentation was halted from the water and oil presence.

Today I picked up some plain Black Tea and distilled water to give it another try. Since we’ve already had success making our own probiotic yogurt, I’m excited at the premise of having made a successful batch of homemade Kombucha!

Hoping your 1st Saturday of 2016 was restful…

Blessings to all,




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