The Smoke Intensifies: Who IS the Enemy?

It is a lightly rainy day.

There is no practical or logical reason for this, in the “natural,” but it is still happening.

The Smoke Smell is back – I raced to the back door and then to the front door to find the fire or something smouldering. Outside both doors was fresh air, cleaned by the morning rain.

Then God reminded me of the truth, once again.

On the road this morning, I listened to the radio and news updates.

Stock Markets are beginning their descent. Dow sinks as 2016 opens

Crude oil prices continuing to drop, today they have slipped below $33 a barrel: US Markets & Oil

Today, I felt a “Wake Up” message approaching when I was reminded…It Has ALREADY Started.

I wasn’t sure if I would blog about this, until I got home. However, I have to tell you; the Smell of Smoke is very heavy. Heavier than it’s been. And remember, that it has been a damp/rainy morning outside.

So, this is my gentle reminder to you to please Seek God. Make sure you are in RIGHT relationship WITH HIM. I don’t know completely what’s coming but I have been observing EARNESTLY what is happening.

Whatever you want to believe, understand that a SHIFT is in process.

Ready your hearts and minds. Forgive others, forgive yourself. Ask Forgiveness from God (Repent for ANY sin). And pray for protection. Read Ephesians!

I’m going to attach a video compilation. Specifically, because what we all need to understand (based on Ephesians 6) is that the Enemy you and I are up against, is not so obvious. If you don’t know who or what you are up against, how do you know what to do to win the battle? Before you click on the link, the video is a very well done Hunger Games snippet.  It is about 2 minutes in length.

I may be one of few who thought Hunger Games had a powerful (if not deeply hidden) message. And the message you need to pay attention and think about is this; To quote Haymitch Abernathy and Finnick Odair: Remember who the REAL Enemy is!

“Remember who the REAL Enemy is….”

(Ps: A Clue to who the Real Enemy is? Read Genesis 3 and Isaiah 14:12. Make no mistake who is out to destroy your Soul & Spirit – READ Eph 6:10-18 & Armor Up!)



9 thoughts on “The Smoke Intensifies: Who IS the Enemy?

    • Check out my first post: Smelling Smoke – God’s Warning. I think I posted it in last two weeks.
      As to why not everyone might smell it, I’m not sure. That would be a good question to take to him in prayer.

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      • Okay. Thanks, I wasn’t trying to be negative, I have the mind of a child sometimes… and you’re right, I will.


      • Could it be Kenzel that not all of are meant to smell it? Each warrior has both a mission as well as a responsibility to share intel with others. I can’t smell “smoke” but I can teach (I think lol) So each part of the body helps and warns others. Just my thoughts…Dave


  1. By the way, if you would pardon my curiosity, but why do you smell smoke? How come I don’t? I know smoke and fire are symbolic of God’s judgment but this is hard for me to wrap my head around. Just curious.


  2. Your point about being able to identify (and thereby recognize) the real enemy is timely. Christians need to stop pointing the sword at each other and fight the real fight. This doesn’t mean we can’t disagree (even vehemently) but still keep the rank and file while doing it.

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