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If you don’t believe or aren’t CERTAIN about the power of God, His Word &  prayer…it’s time for you to get back into scripture. Read Matthew 24 & 25.

Strange Signs in 2016: SEE THE VIDEO THAT IS SHOCKING THE WORLD! (Final Warning) –


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  1. I saw that same video this morning. It has a good summary of what is going on. “Dark” technologies in this video, including a company that is placing Beast Chips in their employees left hand for security.


  2. God is raising up His army! Thanks for posting this.? He is exposing what’s in darkness so that His light (US! One with Him in Christ) overcomes the darkness. As true believers in Christ Jesus deny self and press into Him, He Himself moves us, speaks His omnipotent word through holy lips. That’s how His kingdom comes, His will is done on earth as it is in heaven; that’s how the prisoners are released from darkness into the joy of the Lord with us! What a massive harvest this is going to be! See a prophetic word He gave me to speak forth on 11-11-11 and post in October 2015:
    Jubilant Militant Army of God | The Lord Is With Us

    Praise God all is overcome in Christ Jesus; we trample the great lion and the serpent; the God of peace crushes Satan under our feet! (Psalm 91:13; Romans 16:20)


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