Vision in a Dream: Storms & Fires

More than a year ago I had a dream.

Though I have been very hesitant to post this I am feeling that it is too important not to. As much as I have wanted to write, this is one of several things I believe I must write before I can progress further.

So much has happened in the previous weeks and months that I will make this my starting point.


Beginning of Vision:

I was looking off in the distance (to the East). I could see severe storms approaching. The clouds were thick. Among them were an onslaught of  Tornadoes. I say tornadoes because there was more than one. I don’t recall if there was a specific number. However many there were, they were creating a path of destruction. The sky was dark (and/or was bringing a darkness over and upon the land)

As I turned my gaze from my right side and looked to my left (West) I saw a City on that horizon. I do not know what City it was, only that it was large. The skyline/buildings were swathed in colors of bright reds/oranges. As if covered in Fire. Though the City was not yet totally consumed, destruction was imminent. Flames were catching and everything was being burning up. There was no stopping it.

I was situated by a road (think of a highway) and observing the encroaching Eastern Storms and the soon to be annihilated City. To give better perspective, I was facing in a Northerly direction and the highway in front of me was running East to West. I don’t recall seeing any cars on the road or people, but the highway was there.

Though I was by the road I was not standing. I was hovering. Suddenly, I was turned away from the storm of Tornadoes and was heading at super-speed toward the City – parallel to the highway. I was not traveling by my own means, it was something Super Natural  – either an Angel or a horse.

We raced toward the City; as we got closer I was suddenly transformed and found myself standing inside a building, instead of outside. The building was as yet untouched by the chaos outside but the situation was deteriorating rapidly. People seemed unaware of the danger and while chaos was closing in, there was no sense of panic or apparent cause for concern.

I entered a room. There were few people in it and someone was in a bed (a woman in a hospital bed?)

I looked around at the people. I felt an urgency well up within and I took a step toward the the bed.

I looked at the woman and told her, “Come on…You have to get up. We have to leave. We have to go NOW.”

End of Vision (Dream) –







4 thoughts on “Vision in a Dream: Storms & Fires

  1. I have dreams ..vivid dreams like this for no one being alarmed but you I’d take that as the world as it is right now. All the destruction and chaos going on in the world and people are oblivious to it. The only ones who see it are us believers who know what is to come. I believe you are going to lead people to come to believe in Him. It could be that’s what He’s telling you.
    I hope you’re well Kenzel! 😊

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  2. Not knowing what the vision means can be somewhat scary, but I believe when you feel led by the Spirit to share it, than you must do just that even if you can’t fully understand. With the dark times we live in, it may be a representation of what the world is going thru and as a believer, I think we all should keep pressing on toward bringing all to the salvation that awaits them in our Lord Jesus Christ. I am honored to read your words and believe that you did the right thing by sharing this. Many blessings to you Kenszel,

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  3. the tornadoes represent dangers / disasters. I think our east and west coasts will be destroyed first, then the interior of the country. but this is a wait and see thing. god showed you this, so you could prepare for emergencies and not be so shocked when the trouble comes, and you will be able to think through what to do. may the Lord protect us all that call upon his name


    • Yes, I’m pretty sure the coasts will go first…but this vision also goes hand-in-hand with the word I received regarding the San Andreas.
      Praying with you in agreement, Marianne. May his will be done!


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