Prophecy in Motion


Spring 1993 –

It was a late evening. Sometime between 10pm and Midnight.

I was in the front passenger seat of a car.

I’d leaned my head against the door window and looked up at the night time sky. Where we were driving, in Eastern Washington State, we were many miles from the intrusive lights of the city.

There was nothing to interfere with my view of the stars, which on this spring evening meant– there were too many to count.

I gazed across the atmosphere at the Milky Way. It was only the 2nd or 3rd time I’d seen it with my own eyes. Seeing the Milky Way should have made me feel small. Like a tiny particle in the vastness of a system beyond my comprehension. Instead, I felt a warmth that had no explanation and one in which none was needed.

Although life had not always been easy and often it had thrown me curve balls I had yet to understand – at this specific moment in time I felt a perfect, beautiful sense of peace. A contentment that I’m not sure I’d ever experienced.

And then it happened.

Quite unexpectedly.

Out of the blue; without any intention on my part.


Words were spoken from my mouth, that I had neither anticipated – nor thought of:

“I am so looking forward to the 2nd Coming of Jesus. I hope I am here to see it!”

I recall the words coming out of my mouth. I remember hearing myself say them.

I do not understand how I uttered them. I remember specifically thinking to myself: “Ok, did I just say those words?”

The person who was driving the car responded by saying (something to the effect,) “Um, what did you just say?” Which started a very long conversation chain that I had never intended to engage in. As it turned out the person that was driving was an evolutionist and non-believer.

My unintended, yet spoken, statement opened the door to a series of events of which I could never have anticipated.

I am sharing this story now, because I was supposed to have shared it many weeks ago. I have wrestled with the Holy Spirit to the point of exhaustion. I am tired. If He wants this message shared, it is His Will.

May His Will be done.






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