A San Andreas Message


As I was driving home this morning, I was listening to an Adrian Rogers message on FM Radio. He spoke briefly about the book of Judges and also the story of the Israelite’s having to remain in the desert for 400 years BECAUSE of their disobedience.

I started to cry when I heard that.

I was reminded that God permitted Moses to gaze upon the promised land but did not allow him to enter it; because of his disobedience.


Yesterday’s post was a test for me. A test to make me understand that although I have avoided talking about heavy subjects – subjects that likely a majority of people would rather not hear about, my hesitation about those “tests” does not EXCUSE me from progressing with the task.

There are millions of blogs out there. And a lot of people blog about food, family, fun, gardening book reviews and on and on and on. I have tried covering several of those topics.

What I have learned is that when I write about the stuff that makes me cringe, as in topics that might make me uncomfortable, or those that make me want to cry out for God’s Mercy – it’s that RAW stuff – THE REAL Stuff that readers seem to relate to.

So, this morning as I listened to that Adrian Rogers message and realized that my remaining in disobedience could mean I miss my “blessing” and possibly miss my opportunity to be an unknown blessing to others – I asked God to please “help me to be obedient, help me to follow the path you have set before me.”

I can still share the lighter stuff, but the tone of this blog may begin to evolve. God has shown me repeatedly over my life that it’s all about trusting in the Blood of Jesus, and only through obedience, that we grow the most.

So – here I go.


Over Spring Break we traveled out to California. I wasn’t thrilled about this trip but I had no reason not to go, other than my own hesitations. I didn’t have any Word from The Lord indicating that I shouldn’t.

I’ll admit, when we left home, I felt like I did so kicking and screaming. Sigh.


We left on a Saturday morning.

By Tuesday afternoon, we took a break from where we were staying East of Riverside and finally headed West into Orange County. I gave my husband a break from driving since he’d driven almost the whole way cross country.

As we started the drive, I watched the topography change and the first thing I noticed was that I was driving through an area of rolling hills/mountains.

Suddenly, I asked aloud. “Is this the San Andreas Fault?” The husband said yes.

I tend to be very focused on the road ahead when I am driving, especially through very winding, narrow areas. The San Andreas is that. But there were moments when there were fewer cars around me (it is as I recall, a mostly single lane road) and I would glance to my right or my left.

The rolling hills were gorgeous, truly. But I was struck by the massiveness of all the “cracks and crevices” that formed these pointed peaks and their corresponding valleys, surrounding us. The thing that stuck with me was the incredibly ominous feeling that surged through me as I drove.

God wanted me to understand – actually to FEEL the magnitude of the power that the San Andreas holds.

The power and energy of Andreas is ENORMOUS. Because this power is below ground – it unseen, seemingly invisible, yet very present. Driving through it, I was assured of His protection but the Andreas will not be silent or “gently stirring” much longer.

The name San Andreas (specifically Andreas means: Man, Brave). I did some additional research into the Andreas name origin and this is what I found.


Some adjectives to describe it are: Determined, efficient, resourceful, energetic and courageous.

Andreas is a powerful personality who aspire to lead and command others. The name origin also indicates a “personality” that knows how to shine, attract attention to themselves and impress others. They loathe mediocrity and are not cut out for subordinate roles. Failure therefore tends to hit them hard and can make them bitter and envious. Luckily, they know just how to grab the opportunities that life offers them, which they do rapidly and skilfully.


Though these attributes relate to a person’s name, they also cross relate to Andreas, even as a region of land.

God is God. He can (and will) use any and all means as necessary to accomplish the goals He has for people to NOTICE him and acknowledge his Sovereignty.

Recently, I shared a post about the Ring of Fire; (I think) when the Ring “activates” it will start at Andreas and trigger a domino series of events that will create an “And Suddenly” world event.) In this case, The Andreas is waiting to make its “statement” – the energy contained below the surface is being held back by God. Here is why I know this….


On our return trip from Orange County, God (in his infinite Mercy) gave me a valuable lesson.

I had asked him over the previous weeks to reveal to me any areas of sin in my life. I wanted to purge myself of anything that wasn’t pleasing to him.

As I gazed upon the California landscape, on approach toward The San Andreas fault zone, he hit me front and center with the purpose of this trip.

“You have made the West Coast an ‘idol’ of your distaste.”

Then he had me recall how many times had I said ALOUD “I can’t stand the West Coast.” These words had hurt him deeply.

He directed my gaze at the houses lining the valley, and then, to those on the hills. Thousands of home full of souls.

“Daughter, each time you speak those words you create a rift in our relationship. I know your memories of the West are less than pleasant. But those memories have LESS to do with the land and everything to do with your Spiritual Enemy. REPENT.”

I was mortified.

The scales dropped from my eyes. I looked around and felt anguish. “Do you finally see how many will be LOST when the AND SUDDENLY event occurs?” I was ready to burst into tears. My heart actually ached. “Millions will be affected. Millions. I brought you back not just to repent but to witness for yourself the same beauty I see. I wanted you to be able to appreciate, for once, this land you escaped from before I change it, forever.”

In that moment, He changed my perspective. “I’m so sorry, Lord. Forgive Me!”

He even went a step further and informed me that my past relentless pursuit of living on the East Coast had been the enemy “dangling a carrot” in front of me. The point had never been about the places I dreamed of living – the point was it’s all about the people we meet on this JOURNEY. The relationships that intertwine us.

God’s love for mankind is immense and that’s why he is torn. He promises to bless America were solid IF we honored and obeyed him.

He never promised America eternity without exception. He promised eternity to those who accept Salvation through Jesus…the Harbingers should have been enough to get our attention.


We have some major shake ups ahead. There are no words to describe what’s coming. What will matter is whether you are following God’s leading. Are you within God’s Will? Are you being obedient? Do you truly recognize His Voice?

God truly doesn’t want any of his children to perish. He doesn’t want them to turn away, but he has given us Free Will.

That Free Will gives us choices, the same choices that Adam and Eve had to make.

I pray we’ve learned from Adam and Eve. I pray each of us has acquired enough wisdom to be ready, for anything.








5 thoughts on “A San Andreas Message

  1. Kenzel, I love the RAW and Real emotions that you share of what God wants you to share. You are such an inspiration to me as I learn to walk in obedience with the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing these insights. Blessings to you. Carlene

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