Glory to God: Praise

I was listening to Prazor this morning and heard a hymn I recognized but never knew the title of until now.

Battle hymn of the Republic.

This has been the best 5 minutes of my day so far.


5 thoughts on “Glory to God: Praise

    • Tony, it’s a free app I heard about several months back but didn’t download until recently. It offers a wide range of music, teaching and talk channels to pick from. At the moment, I’m listening to traditional hymns…it’s really neat. If u check it out, let me know what you think!

      Thanks for asking


  1. Outstanding song and arrangement, Kenzel.
    It’s very appropriate for present day inspiration.
    I’ve sung it in different groups over the past 47 years and have always loved it.
    I was not familiar with the words of the final verse (mostly sung as a solo).
    It was slightly difficult to make out the words.
    But, GREAT ending and overall VERY INSPIRATIONAL!


    • I agree, Peggy. I don’t think I’ve ever heard all the words to the song, but it was what sounded like Trumpets at the beginning (at least on the Prazor version) and the melody that brought tears to my eyes.


  2. That’s a beautiful Kenzel and powerful. We sang this in school and church all the time, one of my favorites!



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