Shared from WP: Joanie Stahl

I woke up just before 2am this morning and, I didn’t fall immediately back to sleep. I did look at my phone. Which is odd, because I usually just fall back to sleep. 

That’s when I noticed this link had been published. It is a speech which was recorded live recently.  It is lengthy at ~103min running time. Once I started it, I didn’t stop. It only gets better the longer you listen. Right to the very end. 

Regardless of where any of us think we are in the space of time, this might be one of the most important messages I’ve heard in a long while. It will make you think and think again…about our soul’s willingness to “count the cost”…

 060- Joanie Stahl- Most Powerful On Prayer, Miracles & Spiritual Warfare You Will Ever Hear –


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