The Clash

There is a Clash occurring in the Spiritual. A clash that will not remain behind the veil for long. Can you not feel it?

The Natural and the Spiritual are on a collision course and far too soon we will see the fruit of our efforts before our eyes.

So many lost souls, so many fence-sitters. Will it take a SHAKING, the magnitude of which none of us has ever seen to wake each of us up and realize the time of decision is now?

The safety and shelter of God’s wings is the only place to find refuge. All too soon, the WORLD will not look the same.

So, hold on tight, because His SHAKINGS are upon us. Hold on tight to his word in your heart and position him front and center in your mind. Anything less, will not be enough to survive.

His Word is our strong fortress for The Clash of the End of the Age.


4 thoughts on “The Clash

  1. Weird dream alert. I was at a meeting with my coworkers…we had to write some numbers down..can’t remember why…when I was speaking in front of the of the teachers kept staring at me..hard..and in real life..hardly speaks to me..anyway, he came over afterward but gave me that warm feeling I get when I’m at church..praying…he put his arm on my shoulder and whispered something..I didn’t hear him. Then he said I’ll call u…so when he did someone needed to get a message to someone and he says..Andi, I need u to be my messenger now. Then there was an earthquake and he says..I’m with you and you will be fine. Don’t worry. And I woke up. Wth!!!…I can still hear his voice.

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